April Vegetable Garden

This is a busy month for gardeners! 🙂 Here’s a quick look around our veggie patch..

Apr. 2015 001

Both Garlic beds are looking healthy, so fingers crossed we don’t get that awful Garlic rust again…

Apr. 2015 002

Arugula and Lettuce starts..

Apr. 2015 003

Toy Choy & Peas

Apr. 2015 005

Potatoes have been planted , 4 varieties , some in this bed and more in pots! The row along the house is a variety of Peas 🙂

Apr. 2015 010

Celery survived the winter, without any mulch…

Apr. 2015 004

Purple sprouting Broccoli is ready to harvest and we are seeing Cauliflower heads forming…

Apr. 2015 009

Broad Beans , Spinach & yes, more Peas..

Apr. 2015 008

Mustard Greens

Apr. 2015 007

Brussel Sprout are sending out lots of Spring Greens and starting to go to seed…

Apr. 2015 006

Onions are almost ready to go outside..

Apr. 2015 014

We have a new addition, a Semi  Dwarf Jonagold Apple Tree

Apr. 2015 013

I’ve discovered growing apples can be little finicky, but, that discussion, will be a separate post…

Apr. 2015 011

More Seedlings! I love these peat pods, its the first-time I’ve used them!

Apr. 2015 018

60 fit into one tray which was perfect for Tomatoes and Peppers.

Apr. 2015 017

The Strawberries are flowering..

Apr. 2015 015

and the weather, is  typically “Spring” like …with mixed skies…

Apr. 2015 016

The rain is just what we need, the beds have a top dress of fish compost waiting to be watered in…

If you aren’t sure what to start growing this month check out West Coast Seeds planting list!

8 thoughts on “April Vegetable Garden

  1. Wow, that all looks SOOOO good. It must be just about a full-time job to get things like this! Love Jonagolds, good choice, they are just that right tart-sweet-crisp mixture.

    1. It doesn’t really take too much time, we both enjoy it which helps. 🙂 Good to know Cathy, I’m sure I’ve tried them at some point! The tree was given to us by a neighbour, its a lovely tree but this one is tough to pollinate, which is why she got rid of it, ha! I am a sucker for a challenge, so we’ll see how it goes:)

    1. Thank-you! 🙂 That’s great Karin! It is fun to see them grow, and they are far more hardy than I ever imagined. I’m sure they’ll do well,especially with extra TLC!

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