Jonagold Apple Tree

We were given a Jonagold Apple tree!

Apr. 2015 001

The blossoms are so pretty and fragrant, but this little tree didn’t produce very well, that’s why my neighbours were getting rid of it…

Apr. 2015 003

Growing Apples, sounds good to me, so I took it  🙂  As it turns out, this is a Triploid Apple, never heard of that?  Me neither! It is difficult to pollinate, this tree requires pollen from 2 separate trees, that are (hopefully) Jonagold pollinators , and the Jonagold does not pollinate other trees. So, as we found out, its not that simple , I don’t really have room for 2 more trees, and I’m running out of time, to pollinate the blossoms.

Apr. 2015 002

Our neighbour, who gave us the tree came over with a branch from another neighbours tree, Yes, she did ask for it 🙂 and offered a couple of blossoms from another tree of hers. Thank-you  Jen! I also (swiped)   some branches from a tree that’s on a city path (no ones property) and stuck them in some water,  dabbed the blossoms, so now, its up to the the bees to do their job!

Apr. 2015 007

They are there…

Apr. 2015 012

fingers crossed …

Apr. 2015 013

This little stick, is a New Apple Tree, we purchased as a pollinator for the Jonagold. It should take care of our small dilemma, next year. Its a Multi Grafted Apple with three varieties Gala, Spartan, and Fuji, both of these are semi dwarf trees and with some good pruning will likely grow up to 8 ft. perfect for our small space 🙂

Apr. 2015 016

I had to add this picture of the peas, I was sure I could see them growing 😉

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