Spring Greens in May

May 2015 007

It’s amazing  how quickly things grow at this time of year….

May 2015 009

and the different textures and shades are pretty too!

May 2015 011

In the flower garden it doesn’t take a lot of color to stand out….

May 2015 002

The veggie beds are exploding with Greens!

May 2015 020

New Zealand Oca looks like the perfect Shamrock.

May 2015 022

New transplants; are mostly all in…

May 2015 021

Strawberries have started to ripen but I thought this was a pretty mix of “green” May 2015 033

and the Jonagold apple is producing fruit ;0

May 2015 018

Potatoes are filling the pots and the Berry Trellis should be covered in Green, soon & berries too , I hope! May 2015 023

I love the color of this Grand Rapids Lettuce! It is huge and has great flavour …

May 2015 001

as do all the lovely assorted mix of prolific greens that spring provides…

May 2015 001


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