June Garden Update

It has been a Busy month! Personally, with a wedding out of town , visitors and night school !  Its been a challenge to catch up in the garden and it is exploding!!! Here’s a quick look!

June 2015 108

The peas on the right are 10ft! Purple pole peas!

June 2015 109

They do have lovely flowers and are loaded with nice long snow peas!

June 2015 022

I may have to recruit some help when these shelling peas are ready  😉

June 2015 111

more Snow & Snap Peas….

June 2015 113

Broad Beans are almost ready…

June 2015 120

Lots of Lettuce & Tomatoes

June 2015 119 June 2015 118

Potatoes in Pots are looking great, so far….

June 2015 117

More Greens & Onions…

June 2015 116 June 2015 114 June 2015 112

The dry warm weather has been amazing and everything is early.

June 2015 002

All of the Tomatoes have blossoms.

June 2015 001

The Sun Gold are remaining true to their claim and have the earliest fruit!


Back to catching up…..

6 thoughts on “June Garden Update

  1. Wow! What a bountiful harvest you’ll have! Wishing we could help you shell those peas – lol Back in Chinook country, I’m happy we’ve had some heat so my herbs and bit of lettuce are growing nicely. The rhubarb is more than ready to cut. Looking forward to some rhubarb crisp.

  2. How I heavens name do you do that. Your garden is incredible. You need to give courses to locals as. How they too can create this marvel

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