Garden Sharing with a New Friend!

Its great when you meet new people with common interests. For the last few years I have been giving away most of our extra garden plants to  neighbours.

June 2014 002

One of them  told me he knew a guy that would love some of my tomato plants, no problem! That year I received a beautiful polished stone pendant on a black rope , made by him, I hadn’t met him yet. It turns out Bob walks by our house every day with his Norwegian walking sticks, eventually we were introduced, and met up again the following year for more plants!  He also dropped off some lovely seed catalogues in the middle of winter, I loved that! This year , Bob asked if I had any squash plants. I felt so bad…No..  I had only started a couple, they are such huge plants and I just didn’t have the space, Bob replied,”well I do” so I told him it wasn’t too late to start some seeds! The offer to work together and share the garden was there!

June 2015 005

Great!!!  We took what we had over to his place, and it turns out he has a lovely sunny spot!

Ha! Bobs your uncle!  (He says this all the time, he, he)

June 2015 007

This is Bob with Jeff, he is 86 and let me tell you he is one busy man!

June 2015 002

We are so happy to be able to garden share with our new friend!

We planted squash, beans cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and basil!

After a couple of weeks it is filling up!

June 2015 001

A little shady patch has kale & lettuce.

June 2015 009

These are gifts from Bob! He has collected, cut and polished these stones and then makes Jewelry and Belt buckles from them. This is only one of his many accomplishments! Amazing !

8 thoughts on “Garden Sharing with a New Friend!

  1. I hope I will soon be your neighbour and you will educate me on all things gardening. Nice story of sharing.

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