July Garden; Catching Up

We are pulling up the peas, they are done!

July 2015 006

Round two!

July 2015 019

Beans this time! Maybe… there is  enough space to squeeze some peas in for the fall 🙂

July 2015 039

This volunteer Elephant Garlic is nice and we are ready to dig up the garlic patch…

July 2015 033

Here’s a few more pictures of what’s happening in the veggie garden..

July 2015 028

July 2015 034

Its been a challenge to keep everything watered, we’ve had a crazy spell of hot dry weather…

July 2015 030

some things are thriving others , not so much…

July 2015 018

overall, we have had some lovely meals and have been able to put a few goodies in the freezer…

July 2015 017

…we could grow more potatoes for the fall ..

July 2015 013

and a little more basil,  it is flowering very early ..

July 2015 012

Onions are loving the heat…

July 2015 009

so is the Zucchini

July 2015 007

and Patty Pan Squash..

July 2015 005

Marion Berries are ripening…

July 2015 025

If you are growing fall veggies, there is still time, I’m getting some more seeds in today 🙂

( The weird orange haze in the pictures is due to smoke from local fires. It is improving and we are really hoping that they are all under control soon! On the west coast we don’t wish for rain often but I tell you “A Good Rain would be Nice!!!)


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