Thanks Giving Garden Update

It feels like fall with cooler temps and rainy days,  we are still pretty busy in the veggie garden and for that, I am very Thankful!

Sept. 2015 081

Daily Harvest

Sept. 2015 075

a few tired Tomato plants are slowly finishing up…

Sept. 2015 077

we have a second round of Basil in the green house

Sept. 2015 076

these peppers are huge : the weird red glow is from my umbrella 🙂

Sept. 2015 068

My first time growing Kohlrabi , with success  🙂

Sept. 2015 072

we have Carrots for Thanks Giving Dinner

Sept. 2015 071

and this has been the best season for  Broccoli

Sept. 2015 013

I’m still hoping our late figs will ripen

Sept. 2015 073

Romaine Lettuce along with other greens are filling the beds

Sept. 2015 074

we have several Lemons & limes

Sept. 2015 054

and lots of fresh growth (Alyssum, Broccoli and Spring Cauliflower, Pole Beans along the wall with the Apple Trees)

Sept. 2015 085

Snow Peas, Beets and Broccoli Pots

Sept. 2015 084

The beds are pretty full, this one has some room for Garlic, its time to get it planted!

Sept. 2015 069

Fall Potatoes, these were planted mid September, they are starting to flower now..

Sept. 2015 088

and I have just planted a few more in hopes of serving them for Christmas  🙂

Happy Thanks Giving to all my Canadian Family & Friends !!!

6 thoughts on “Thanks Giving Garden Update

  1. Lovely!!! (The beds are looking so good.) Yes, we have so very much to be thankful for… and a HAPPY THANKSGIVING for all my Canadian family, just think, I get to have TWO every year, ha!

  2. Just catching up on your Blog. The beds look fantastic. I can’t believe you can grow figs and I’m still jealous of the lemons and limes! Hard to believe that an hour’s plane ride away you are in such a different climate. The broccoli is perfect, and that pepper is huge!

    1. I know,Its crazy the difference in climate! Braccias have done really well this year , fingers crossed the weather keeps cooperating we have some cauliflower just starting to form 🙂

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