December in the Garden

It has been stormy lately with wild winds !


Look at the waves on the waterfront ( not my home)

( Photo courtesy of Peninsula News Review)

Yesterday was a balmy 12 degrees C and today is mild: got to love El Niño weather! In between storms and frosts we’ve been busy cooking to preserve some produce, making  soup, baking and preparing for Christmas.  I’ll share some recipes later. There really isn’t anything new in the garden, but  there is growth!

Dec. 2015 006

Check out this Cauliflower, its ready to use, we’ve harvested several and  there are more to come!

Dec. 2015 007


Dec. 2015 007

Broccoli Shoots

Dec. 2015 008


Dec. 2015 008


Dec. 2015 013

Kale with a nasty Cabbage Worm,…they seem to love this warm weather too 😦

Dec. 2015 011

Carrots & Walla Walla Onions

Dec. 2015 014

Kohlrabi & Parsley

Dec. 2015 005


Dec. 2015 010

Spinach, this is my latest experiment , there  are 4 varieties here , I’m hoping one will grow better at this time of year, so far they all look terrible, I’m going to try covering them and put out more slug bait…

Dec. 2015 009

This isn’t the most attractive time of year for veggie beds, luckily there are other nice features in the garden.

Pyracantha loaded with berries and the Calla Lilies in front, which never look like this at this time of year, may bloom…

Dec. 2015 020

There are always a few cheerful Pansies

Dec. 2015 019

and the Pieris add some color..

Dec. 2015 021

Seed catalogues are arriving in the mail , I love getting them, time to start planning what to plant next month 🙂




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