January 2016!

This month has flown by! We are busy working on a reno, so there hasn’t been much time for the garden or this blog 😉

I’m getting anxious to get outside to do some real work , I did manage to take a few quick pictures..

These came from the garden last night …

Jan. 2016 001

The potatoes that I planted late last year have actually grown through the winter! 015

Arugula is thriving, even with dark cool damp days…


The onions and carrots have survived , if I get a proper cover on them they should continue to do well…


same with celery …


Cauliflower sure has made news these days, veggies in general, with sky rocketing prices! Crazy! I don’t really understand why we are buying these from other countries when they grow virtually trouble free, in the dead of winter, right in our own backyard! Hmmm… What do I know…


Well, I do  know, what is growing in my little garden  is looking  promising , with an early start! 🙂

Check out the Garlic!



6 thoughts on “January 2016!

  1. Looks good! I am itching to get into the yard but it will be a few months here before anything comes up. More raised beds to come this year and hopefully we can grow some good veggies. 🙂

  2. Looks great! I don’t know what to expect in Oregon this year; it has been really snowy, but it has warmed up a lot the last few days and we can even see green grass. So here’s hoping we get a MUCH earlier spring than in Minnesota!

  3. Yes, cauliflower grows good on the island but what about Alberta? Maybe in our shirt growing season we could get a few med size ones but we would probably need a greenhouse to grow them all year- ?😊

    1. It would take a little extra help in AB to produce them, but they are cold weather plants , a good cold frame would help for shoulder seasons but not for the winter.
      😦 I would think BC could provide a good supply for Canadian markets.

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