April in the Garden

This my favourite time of year and its going by quickly…

Mar. 2016 001

Here’s what happening in the garden…

Mar. 2016 002

Spring flowers…

Mar. 2016 006

Lilac Blossoms

Apr. 2016 006

The veggie beds are growing wildly with warmer , longer days..

Apr. 2016 006

Lots of Broccoli Sprouts

Apr. 2016 001

I took this picture of the Apple Blossoms to post 2 days ago ..

Apr. 2016 003

this one is from today

Apr. 2016 004

Apr. 2016 007

Over wintered lettuce, spinach, thyme , celery and cauliflower..

Apr. 2016 008 Apr. 2016 009

Spring Onions

Apr. 2016 010


Apr. 2016 013

Garlic & Greens..

Apr. 2016 014

more Broccoli

Apr. 2016 015

Over wintered Cauliflower is almost ready for the table 🙂

Apr. 2016 016 Apr. 2016 017

more broccoli plants…

Apr. 2016 018

Spinach & Radishes are in the Green House along with some new transplants…

Apr. 2016 020

& Peas…

Apr. 2016 021

Tomato plants are ready for bigger pots…

Apr. 2016 024

so are the yams….they are starting to grow leaves under water…

Apr. 2016 025

Not a great picture, but, Cool…well I think it is…ha!

8 thoughts on “April in the Garden

  1. Wow, awesome photos! Just love to see your gardens so inspiring. Love reading the blog, thanks Thelma🌷

  2. So beautiful! You are way ahead of us! Our year has been rather strange as far as weather goes….warm, then freezing, then warm. I think the plants aren’t sure what to do with that. 🙂

    1. Crazy weather ! Its been a little like that here with some really warm days,the plants usually just bolt, best to wait till things are consistent! I say that and should take my own advice 🙂 I usually jump the gun and then hope its not all in vain 🙂

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