My New Experiment; Growing Yams

This started in Feb with the attempt to sprout 3 Yams ; 1 is organic

Feb. 2016 009

It was the only one that sent out slips

Apr. 2016 005

the other two had a few roots but no signs of sprouting..

May 2016 012

This is what the slips looked like before dividing them into..

May 2016 008

4 healthy looking plants

May 2016 010

I planted them in potting soil and let them root for 2 more weeks,

May 2016 008

then transplanted them into 15 gal pots

May 2016 010

They love the heat so we’ll keep them in the greenhouse.

Looking forward to seeing how they progress 🙂

2 thoughts on “My New Experiment; Growing Yams

  1. Hi Thelma, that’s how I grow all my veggies!
    I buy organic produce and cut the ends off celery, carrots Green onions, garlic, potatoes, leaks, yams, etc. I put them in clear mason jars with water and set them on a widow till they
    Get roots or sprout then plant them!
    It is also a good way to ensure that Monsanto
    Has not treated it as they do with most commercial seeds. It is a good way for a small Gardner like me to grow a few veggies. But it is nothing compared to your beautiful enormous garden! Also I am no longer with shaw for emails.
    Would love to stop by and see you this summer!
    Take care my friend and hi to Jeff!
    Louise Gau👌🏽👍😊❤️

    1. That’s interesting that you grow your veggies this way! How did the yams work out? Did you get many?
      It would be really nice to see you, hope you can make it.

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