May Showers

Rain is long over due, the ground is parched, and it makes for a good time to catch up here.May 2015 019

The veggie garden has been very productive, we’ve been enjoying fresh chives, their flowers , and the variety of greens.

May 2016 014

Tatsoi is a new Asian Green that we tried, it has such a nice light , sweet cabbage flavor , it’s very tender and can be used as a substitute for spinach. Very easy to grow.

Apr. 2016 016

There hasn’t been any shortage of spinach, the plants in the greenhouse grew very well.

Its all been harvested and most of  it was used in a lovely large Spanakopita. It was my first attempt and we were all very happy with the results.

May 2016 011

We have Scapes, from the Elephant Garlic, the Purple variety is just starting to come up….

May 2015 002

Another new plant that we are attempting to grow is cantaloupe, the seeds are just coming up here along with cucumber, basil( 2 varieties ), summer savoury, a variety of squash, lettuce and beets.

May 2015 013

The Apples are a good size already…

May 2015 016

Today the sun is back and for once I don’t need to water, Yay…

May 2016 002

Everything has grown like mad in  the last month., except the peas, devoured by birds, that is going to be another post…

The 3 beds on the left are all Tomatoes, this year we have 40 plants!!!  I hope its a nice hot Summer …..

May 2016 003

You cant see them , yet, but there are a few Tomatoes in this yard too….

May 2016 001

Today I’m planting  Beans and Dill






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