Happy Summer !

First of the seasons Potatoes 🙂

June 2016 014

There is no doubt that growing potatoes in the ground is ideal, and thats what we did this year with most of them.  I havent given up on growing them in  pots , but this year it is only 3 in a very shady spot and Im holding back on watering , lets see how they do.

June 2016 015

The scapes are ready 🙂

June 2016 001

French Breakfast Radish: Does any one else find Radishes  finiky to grow?  With this little veg, I have more success in pots but as usual I keep trying to grow them in garden just to see if maybe, this time, itll be better…Ha!

June 2016 021

Speaking of being a sucker for punishment…its round 4 for planting peas , they were looking so good, then today I found them like this

June 2016 023

Odd how they are just feasting in my yard , they being the birds, Finch,  for any one who missed my previous rant about how they are devouing my peas! Hmmm…. if I give up will they move to the neighbours garden?? ?

June 2016 024

I am hoping they’ll leave our berries alone…

At least the greenhouse is realativley pest free, except for the slugs and white fly…

June 2016 018

Eggplant & Peppers are doing really well, so far…

June 2016 017

More seedlings are ready to go out…

June 2016 019

and we are waiting patiently for tomatoes to ripen, garlic to harvest, cucumbers, beans, squash, carrots, fresh dill, basil, mmm…

June 2016 020

all those good tastes of summer , well worth the wait!

June 2016 026






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