More Tomatoes…

Last night I went out to the garden to see what needed to be tended to,

Aug. 2016 001

Some Tomatoes were ripe, I stated with these  two baskets…

Aug. 2016 002

then had this bed to work through and a couple of pots…

Aug. 2016 003

The Gold nugget have been amazing

Aug. 2016 004

they are loaded .

Aug. 2016 005

This is what I ended up with …

Aug. 2016 008



6 thoughts on “More Tomatoes…

    1. Hi Dan, I don’t really have any tricks, just follow some basic organic gardening principles, and work on building up the soil. I do till the soil before planting and add lime( we have lots of clay here) , fertilizer, some wood ash and compost, I also rotate the plantings every year so they aren’t growing in the same location as the previews year. I use a good quality all purpose organic fertilizer and compost. For tomatoes, I plant them really deep and add crushed eggshells and more fertilizer to the bottom of the hole. I have also learned that some things just done work out, for so many different reasons, when that happens I pull it up and try something else. If you have any specific questions or problems I would be happy to help, if I can.

  1. Wow ,your photos are fantastic only to be out done by the fruits themselves….. just imagining how delicious they taste… ❤️

    Sent from the Poodle’s house on the hill Liz


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