Roasted Zucchini Soup with Fresh Herbs

What do you do with your Summer Squash? Especially  those great big huge ones that suddenly appear …aug-2016-002

Make Soup?  This beautiful dish is easy to make, and it tastes as good as it looks!


It requires a few simple ingredients, Zucchini, of course, I like the yellow for their color, but you could use green .

Aug. 2016 001

Onions , Rosemary, Olive oil, Sea Salt & Pepper:


Slow roast all of the ingredients,


let it cool and puree.


The creamy texture is rich , you would think you are eating something far more decadent !006

and to make it a little more luxurious


I topped it with Herb Boursin Cheese and thinly sliced Basil  🙂

This freezes very well.


5 thoughts on “Roasted Zucchini Soup with Fresh Herbs

  1. I am dreaming of summer so I’m reading older posts that I must have missed. This looks amazing – love the presentation and seeing it in those dishes! I can’t wait to make this. 🙂

  2. Me too Aileen 🙂 I can’t make enough of this , we’ve used everything we had in the freezer ages ago, I’ll grow more this year, there is nothing better than pulling out some flavours from the summer in the middle of winter. This freezes really well, texture and flavour is great when reheated. 🙂

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