Summer Time Garden

Here’s a quick look at what has been happening in the last few months…..


June; Spring Onions and Leeks, some beautiful Red leaf Lettuce …


Romaine, Cauliflower & Scapes…


End of June , Garlic Scape Harvest!


Greenhouse Gutters this year were filled with Basil & Scallions…


It was a new experiment which worked out really well 🙂


Broccoli & peas were planted together under cover and were very productive!

July; Garlic Harvest


Tomatoes…are starting to change colour!


Zucchini Vine & Potatoes went in very late but are slowly coming along…


More seedlings are ready to be planted for late summer & fall !

Picked these this morning, we finally have some Figs 🙂



10 thoughts on “Summer Time Garden

    1. Thank-you Aileen! The fig tree has been in the garden for 3 years , but we moved it last fall. I didn’t think we would get any fruit so I am very happy to have had 8 so far.., we may still get a few more to ripen. Hopefully next year it will be more prolific.

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