Orchid in Bloom

My Orchid is, Reblooming!

There is a first time for everything!

Im not sure what variety it is!

The kind you buy at the grocery store  😉







It took a year with very little fuss, so, definitely worth keeping!


2018 Garden Season

It’s been a while since I’ve visited here! I have missed it and I’m hoping 2018 will provide some new energy and motivation for blogging and gardening!

Lets start with a little of what is happening in the Garden now.

Garlic is coming up nicely and we have loads of Arugula

Some Swiss Chard

and a few herbs : parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme…

are you humming that tune now..ha, ha…

We also have a few spring cauliflower slowly sizing up.

Trying to decide what to order for seeds still and looking forward to a fresh start!

Happy New Year and Happy Gardening!



Summer Time Garden

Here’s a quick look at what has been happening in the last few months…..


June; Spring Onions and Leeks, some beautiful Red leaf Lettuce …


Romaine, Cauliflower & Scapes…


End of June , Garlic Scape Harvest!


Greenhouse Gutters this year were filled with Basil & Scallions…


It was a new experiment which worked out really well 🙂


Broccoli & peas were planted together under cover and were very productive!

July; Garlic Harvest


Tomatoes…are starting to change colour!


Zucchini Vine & Potatoes went in very late but are slowly coming along…


More seedlings are ready to be planted for late summer & fall !

Picked these this morning, we finally have some Figs 🙂



May in the Garden

It is that time of year, May Long Weekend! Please; bring on the sun! This is when most Canadian gardeners are busy planting ….Ill be joining you!

I took these pictures a week ago, everything has grown since and need to be transplanted..today 😉

Basil, Tomatoes, Eggplant & Peppers.

Most of the plants are now in the greenhouse hardening off.

All of the onions are planted in the garden , and a few in gutters in the greenhouse, a new experiment!

The beds are filling up slowly, I’ve been seeding a few rows and I picked up Cauliflower starters that are growing beautifully. I haven’t been here or in the garden as much , its been a difficult, stressful time, as my mom was very ill, but now that she is better, I hope to catch up !

The Season Begins

Its time to start some seeds!


I like to start by sorting out what I have and planning what I would like to grow,


by doing a small layout drawing and seed list.


I was finally able to get my hands in the dirt, it felt so good 😉


Even if it was only a couple of rows of beans and peas. The rest of the seeds will be resting on their heat mats indoors! It is time to start Celery, Onions and Greens for cool weather. Just a reminder, if you want Artichokes, its time to get them growing, but choose a variety that requires a shorter season, January is normally when the larger varieties need to be started.

Happy New Year!

Hello 2017!

Where did December go?

This winter has bought much cooler weather than we’ve seen in years along with snow,


not too much, its gone now. We have beautiful blue skies today along with chilly temperatures and strong winds. It’s been difficult to keep covers on the beds, as you can see I’ve put every bucket to use and some firewood to weigh things down. I need a different strategy , any ideas?


We’ve lost several seedlings, they were a bit of a risk anyways. Luckily the Broccoli crowns had been picked , the stems may send out side shoots in the spring. We’ll see what survives, if anything Ha! Still it’s a treat having it dry and clear 🙂

Hoping 2017 will be Happy and Heathy for all 🙂

November Garden Update

It was a very dull, dark and damp evening when I went out to the garden to pick some veggies for supper, but the greens in the garden were vibrant, so I went back in for my camera, besides an update is overdue.

Here’s what’s growing…


(Endive, Parsnips, Potato Volunteer and Parsley)


(Green & Purple Kohlrabi)


(Arugula, Leeks, Peas & Beets)

Some things we can harvest while others need more time…


like these Leeks and Baby Beets.


Carrots are also very slow,  we may still have some for Christmas. There are more Leeks and Turnips in here.


The Broccoli has been incredible .


Turnips & Celeriac.


Cauliflower for the spring


The Lime Tree is loaded with fruit 🙂


And I do believe we will get to enjoy some Brussel Sprouts, this is a Red variety.


This is all Celeriac, I’m planning to cover them for some extra heat and rain protection, and hoping that they will mature in the spring.


Peppers & Herbs in the Greenhouse,


along with Yams and Potatoes.


That covers most of it ! This is what I brought in for our supper, Kale…


and Yams 🙂