Marketmore Cucumbers for Pickles

This is a nice tasting variety and  easy to start from seed!

July 2015 013

They have been prolific this summer!

Aug. 2015 029

Which meant it was time to make pickles 🙂

Aug. 2015 004

Bread & Butter Pickles our favourite recipe!

Aug. 2015 001

The Green Peppers and Onions are from the garden as well 🙂

Aug. 2015 001

Love these 🙂

Aug. 2015 003

You’ll find the recipe here Bread & Butter Pickles



Fall & Winter Garden

I started a lot of seeds about 2 weeks ago..

July 2015 001

Today was perfect for cleaning up some tired plants and transplanting the new ones….

Aug. 2015 005

I planted Kohlrabi, Cabbage, Cauliflower,

Aug. 2015 004


Aug. 2015 008

and Butter Crunch Lettuce.

Aug. 2015 007

Celery seedlings went into larger pots and I harvested the last of our mature beets and some of the Red Onions,

Aug. 2015 009

and added more mulch to the beds .

Aug. 2015 010

Kale, Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Spring Cauliflower still need to go in…

that’s tomorrow’s job…