Vegetable Garden Update

Where did Summer go! Wow! Fall is here! Just wanted to catch-up with whats happening here in the garden, with a look at some of our summer treats!

Tomatoes! Lots more to come! My favourite way to preserve them is Slow Roasting, for sauce and confit!

Cucumbers, Jalapeños and Thai Dragon peppers have been pickled & Candied!


Candied Jalapeño & Garlic! Thank you Lynda for this recipe!


Scarlet Runner Beans, Eggplant and Zucchini have been Roasted as well! Mostly for soup!

They will all be a lovely taste of summer in the middle of winter!


We’ve made Pesto, Spiralized, Grilled, Roasted and tossed Veggies in Salads!


Thoroughly enjoying our harvest!

Oh , yes ,Garlic did well, and the Tromboncino Squash was fun to grow! Look at the length  of it!

We grew enough Zucchini and Squash this year that we were able to cook the blossoms ! My frying skills are not good but it didn’t matter, they were amazing stuffed with cheese , fresh herbs and lightly fried! How Decadent!


Im also drying herbs and hot peppers.


I just gathered these baskets and apples 2 days ago, there is still plenty growing and seeds that have just been started!


Loved these flowers this year! Sad to see them go but ” To Everything There is A Season! ”

Bring on Fall! 😉

Transplanting Basil

It’s a perfect day for gardening in the Greenhouse!

The Basil needs transplanting and i’ve just refilled the gutters with fresh soil! Last year  our Genovese plants grew incredibly well in these.

I’m trying a new variety , Purple Ruffles, which will be planted with Lemon Basil in one of the smaller gutters. The 2 large ones will be filled with Genovese. The last one will be planted with Dill ( Fernleaf) which is a lower growing variety. Another experiment. 😉

This is my  harvest from today! Wish I could share their incredible fragrance with you!

❤ Basil!




My Favourite Summer Tomato Basil Sauce

I am posting this again , a copy from last year, but I was late in the season with this one . We are now in the middle of Tomato season and I hope  you will give this a try ; it is so simple yet full of amazing flavour, a recipe I will make may times before the season is over, hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂  This is the taste of Summer…

Aug. 2015 002

and , it is very fast, simple and so delicious!

Aug. 2015 022

It is best with cherry tomatoes , although  I’m sure it would taste just as good with any type, it just wouldn’t look as nice 😉

It  is especially lovely with a combination of colors!

Fresh Tomato Sauce : Courtesy of the Calgary Herald & my Sister Marlene  🙂

Makes: 4-5 servings Prep. time: Less than 30 minutes

3 tbsp (45 mL) extra-virgin olive oil

3 large cloves garlic, sliced as thinly as possible

2 lb (907 g) cherry tomatoes, rinsed and halved

1 cup (250 mL) loosely packed fresh basil leaves (from about 1 small bunch), very thinly sliced

1 lb (454 g) pasta Parmesan cheese to taste ( I didn’t use this much cheese just added it to taste)

In an 11-in. (28-cm) sauté pan, heat oil and garlic over medium low heat, stirring occasionally, until garlic is softened but not browned, about 5 minutes.

Add tomatoes and salt and pepper to taste. Toss gently to coat, then raise the heat to medium. Simmer, stirring occasionally and adjusting the heat to maintain a lively but not too vigorous simmer, until tomatoes are reduced to a thick, pulpy sauce, 15-20 minutes.

Aug. 2015 024

Remove from heat. Sprinkle on the basil and stir to combine.

Aug. 2015 025

Cook pasta in boiling, salted water, during last 10 minutes ( depending on the pasta you decide to use) of sauce simmering. Drain well. Taste the sauce and adjust seasonings. Toss the pasta with 3/4 of the sauce and divide among individual bowls. Spoon remaining sauce over each serving. Sprinkle on cheese, as desired.

Aug. 2015

I know, Summer is almost over, I had meant to post this sooner!

Aug. 2015 003

We should still have a couple more opportunities to use some of our own , fingers crossed they last a little while longer 🙂

May Showers

Rain is long over due, the ground is parched, and it makes for a good time to catch up here.May 2015 019

The veggie garden has been very productive, we’ve been enjoying fresh chives, their flowers , and the variety of greens.

May 2016 014

Tatsoi is a new Asian Green that we tried, it has such a nice light , sweet cabbage flavor , it’s very tender and can be used as a substitute for spinach. Very easy to grow.

Apr. 2016 016

There hasn’t been any shortage of spinach, the plants in the greenhouse grew very well.

Its all been harvested and most of  it was used in a lovely large Spanakopita. It was my first attempt and we were all very happy with the results.

May 2016 011

We have Scapes, from the Elephant Garlic, the Purple variety is just starting to come up….

May 2015 002

Another new plant that we are attempting to grow is cantaloupe, the seeds are just coming up here along with cucumber, basil( 2 varieties ), summer savoury, a variety of squash, lettuce and beets.

May 2015 013

The Apples are a good size already…

May 2015 016

Today the sun is back and for once I don’t need to water, Yay…

May 2016 002

Everything has grown like mad in  the last month., except the peas, devoured by birds, that is going to be another post…

The 3 beds on the left are all Tomatoes, this year we have 40 plants!!!  I hope its a nice hot Summer …..

May 2016 003

You cant see them , yet, but there are a few Tomatoes in this yard too….

May 2016 001

Today I’m planting  Beans and Dill






Thanks Giving Garden Update

It feels like fall with cooler temps and rainy days,  we are still pretty busy in the veggie garden and for that, I am very Thankful!

Sept. 2015 081

Daily Harvest

Sept. 2015 075

a few tired Tomato plants are slowly finishing up…

Sept. 2015 077

we have a second round of Basil in the green house

Sept. 2015 076

these peppers are huge : the weird red glow is from my umbrella 🙂

Sept. 2015 068

My first time growing Kohlrabi , with success  🙂

Sept. 2015 072

we have Carrots for Thanks Giving Dinner

Sept. 2015 071

and this has been the best season for  Broccoli

Sept. 2015 013

I’m still hoping our late figs will ripen

Sept. 2015 073

Romaine Lettuce along with other greens are filling the beds

Sept. 2015 074

we have several Lemons & limes

Sept. 2015 054

and lots of fresh growth (Alyssum, Broccoli and Spring Cauliflower, Pole Beans along the wall with the Apple Trees)

Sept. 2015 085

Snow Peas, Beets and Broccoli Pots

Sept. 2015 084

The beds are pretty full, this one has some room for Garlic, its time to get it planted!

Sept. 2015 069

Fall Potatoes, these were planted mid September, they are starting to flower now..

Sept. 2015 088

and I have just planted a few more in hopes of serving them for Christmas  🙂

Happy Thanks Giving to all my Canadian Family & Friends !!!

June Garden Update

Whats happening in the veggie garden? Here’s a quick look…

June 2014 016

that’s it for the garlic scapes! The patty pan squash are just starting to develop..

June 2014 020

its looking green 🙂

June 2014 023

I wonder how big the Jerusalem Artichoke will get???

June 2014 022

Can you see my garden helper hiding behind the Kale? Her usual spot, in the shade …

June 2014 024

The other handsome helper !

June 2014 002

The last of the Winter Mustard Greens , have been made into Pesto, It is unbelievably delicious! I used the same Arugula Pesto recipe, just using the different Greens with Roasted Walnuts , Lemon Zest & Juice, Garlic , Olive Oil Salt & Pepper! Done, its in the freezer…along with…

July 2013 009

Garlic Scape Pesto!  There was just enough Basil for a small batch, I also used some mint with scapes for another , this turned out to be a very nice combination ! I guess I am hooked on this stuff and the freezer is starting to fill up  once again 🙂

Thank-you Lynda & Sheila for the tip on Freezing Garlic Scapes 🙂  I’m doing this for sure!

How To Freeze Garlic Scapes:

Wash & dry your scapes, cut them up and cover with a little olive oil, put them in the freezer.