Today In the Garden:Feb.2016

Feb. 2016 004

Purple Sprouting Broccoli is almost ready, I love its colors and flavour ūüėČ

Feb. 2016 005

Look at all the side shoots! I’ve just read that you should plan 2- 3 plants per person , we have 9 , so¬† we’ll see if that’s enough.

Feb. 2016 001

Seedlings are sprouting already ūüôā

This is what I’ve started so far;

In the Garden:

Broad Beans-Windsor

Peas-Purple Pole

In the Greenhouse:

Radishes – Pin pong & Early Scarlet

Peas-Sugar Snap & Cascadia

On Heat In the Garage:

Peppers- Thai Dragon & Red Bull’s Horn


Kale-Red Russian, Blue Scott, Lacinato & Improved Siberian

Pac Choi-Toy Choi

Asian Greens

Onions-Walla Walla, Redwing, Sweet Spanish,Scallions, Shallots(Ambition)

Artichoke-Green Globe

Swiss Chard-Bright Lights

Kohlrabi-Purple Vienna

Spinach – Corvair, Samish, Tyee


Check out the yams, they¬†are sending out roots¬† ūüôā

Feb. 2016 002

I know its not the nicest picture, but I think its very interesting, cant wait to see what they do!




Our Garden In November; Fall/Winter Veggies

Fall is quickly feeling more like winter, with cooler, damp , short days.

When the sun shines¬†¬†its a welcome reprieve! I grabbed my camera to capture it and¬†some of the plants that are still thriving…

I love the color and texture of the Kohlrabi with Parsley..

Nov. 2015 002

Kohlrabi is an odd looking plant, completely edible, we used some leaves in our smoothie this morning.

Nov. 2015 003

Cauliflower should be ready in week or so…

Nov. 2015 009

Basil, in the Greenhouse, “In November” ! Crazy, but its¬†is not happy with the cooler weather, maybe its the short days, well, its all coming out today!

Nov. 2015 006

New Zealand Oka needs a good frost before its pulled up.

Nov. 2015 007

The Potatoes seem to be growing well, but no baby spuds, yet!

Kale & Spring Sprouting Broccoli is loving this  weather.

Nov. 2015 008

along with Arugula, Cauliflower and Cabbage

Nov. 2015 010

In this bed there is Celery, Spinach, Lettuce, Chives and Thyme.

Nov. 2015 013

Yes, the Celery is still growing, fingers crossed, that we get the mild winter predicted !

Endive, Mustard Greens and Alyssum need to come out of this bed to make room for Garlic…

Nov. 2015 014

Blue Alyssum borders  Carrots, Onions and Kale

Nov. 2015 011

Today all the remaining Peppers , Broccoli  Crowns and Beans were collected

Nov. 2015 020

If¬†all goes well, Broccoli should produce side shoots for a couple more months…Nov. 2015 021

Everything has had a good feeding with Kelp Extract!

Now its time, to get the Garlic in the ground and¬†start a few more seeds for the greenhouse, more cool weather greens should work ūüėČ

Here we go….

Happy 2014!!!

Jan. 2014 007

We’re off to a great start….its been mild and dry for us on the Wet West Coast, with signs of spring starting to show…

Jan. 2014 031

Iris & daffodils are popping up…

Jan. 2014 032

The Robins have left us some berries…

Jan. 2014 036

winter broccoli is producing well..

Jan. 2014 039

more broccoli

Jan. 2014 043

the peas have been struck by frost..

Jan. 2014 040

but new flowers are growing..

Jan. 2014 042

the celery I transplanted is sending up new shoots…next year they’ll go into the greenhouse

Jan. 2014 044

isn’t the color of the January King Cabbage beautiful?

Jan. 2014 045

Red Ball Brussels haven’t grown much, perhaps I didn’t transplant them early enough, something to try again this year….

Jan. 2014 046

Looking forward to seeing how early we’ll have Walla Walla onions…they’ve done well under cover

Jan. 2014 047

Garlic is just starting to show some signs of life…

Jan. 2014 049

My list of what to do in the garden is starting to grow too ūüėČ

Don’t you¬†love the beginning of a New Year, there are so many possibilities…

Fall is Here!

Fall has hit us with a lot of rain,  as long as we get a few nice days in, the garden will still be plentiful.. for a little while longer! Cant believe its almost Oct!

Here’s what’s happening in the Greenhouse

Sept. 2013 001

This has been the best year ever for Basil- these were started in Feb !

Sept. 2013 002

Peppers are  ripening, Sea scape Strawberries have done the best!

Sept. 2013 003

Eggplants have flowers but they keep dropping, I’m trying to assist with pollination..they wont last much longer as the weather cools..

Sept. 2013 004

More onion seedlings are in..

Sept. 2013 005

Celery is huge…well..tall not really plump..

Sept. 2013 006

and Radishes , I almost gave up on are finally getting big enough to eat ūüôā

Sept. 2013 007

Yellow Bush Beans , also took a long time to grow…but this is the shady bed, could be lack of sun. I’m getting all of the soil tested in the spring..

Sept. 2013 008

Broccoli, Pole Beans and Butternut Squash in the Pot

Sept. 2013 009

Purple Pole Peas have such pretty flowers

Sept. 2013 010

Set. 2013 011

They are the tallest already 6 feet tall with lots of slender snow peas..Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli are in is here as well, they have huge leaves on them but no sign of sprouts… yet!

Set. 2013 008

The Snap peas are doing really well in one spot but not the others.

Set. 2013 009

These Butternut Squash don’t seem to be getting any bigger..

Sept. 2013 011

This was the third time planting Zucchini, 4 plants and all starting to produce.

Sept. 2013 012

Raspberry and Cabbage Bed..

Set. 2013 005

Onions and Calendula

Set. 2013 007

Chard & Squash..

Set. 2013 012

Potatoes & Cucumber

These are the Potatoes we planted in Aug. and the last cucumber  plant, it looks so spindly but its still sending out flowers..

Set. 2013 013

Garlic is all cleaned up and sorted for storage . We’ll be planting it again soon..

Set. 2013 004

This is the last of our Tomatoes and beginning of fall peas..

Set. 2013 003

Some goodies for the day!

Set. 2013 002

Vegetable Garden Update – Aug 2013

We’ve had to do some cleaning up…

The bed on the right had Kale  till about 2 weeks ago, it was all getting too big and covered in aphids, the raspberries were disappearing in behind them , fall broccoli and cabbage is in there now.

Aug 2013 003

there are still a few raspberries…

Aug 2013 002

The greenhouse has been cleared out tomatoes and cucumbers were over crowded and cucs had a terrible amount of mildew, so sad they produced really well ”¬†Note to self” Don’t overcrowd the green house next year!

We still have strawberries..

Aug 2013 013

Peppers are just starting to ripen.. these are a Sweet RedAug 2013 014

…the Hot Thai Dragon are still green

Aug 2013 015

Fairy Tale Eggplant are slow, we have white fly on them…we’ve tried garlic water , it doesn’t work…so we’ve had to resort to a¬†commercial spray, its better but not perfect..

Aug 2013 017

these are tough plants and still growing strong..

Aug 2013 035

Basil keeps on growing..

Aug 2013 016

Butternut Squash has bounced back , I thought they were gone since the mildew was a huge problem when they were smaller, but with some extra TLC..

Aug 2013 006

fertilizing and fungicide ( tried Garlic water here too, no luck) they have bounced back

Aug 2013 030

some of the baby squash were falling off so I’ve been assisting with pollination , we now have several that are growing..

Aug 2013 029

we have Zuccini plants.. finally beat the…now lets see if there is still time for this veggie to grow! Purple Pole Peas are behind them..

Aug 2013 031

Celery is looking really good,¬† and the yellow runner beans are finally doing well, late but again they were planted a few times thanks to critter’s..

Aug 2013 023

a few Onion seedlings have been put in..

Aug 2013 025

almost all of the Leeks have bolted ..

most of the Walla Walla Onions have been harvested..

Aug 2013 026

Calendula & Nasturtiums..

Aug 2013 024

Aug 2013 020

Shallots and Green Onions are thriving..

Aug 2013 004

Organic Shallots , what would these cost you in the store?

They look like they are finished growing but they haven’t they will divide into several more shallots, they are a slow growing crop but worth the wait!

Aug 2013 005

Brussel sprouts and sugar snap peas for the fall..

Aug 2013 032

Cherry Tomatoes…

Aug 2013 009

more peas…42 ft of peas …hmmm …too much?? We’ll see..

Aug 2013 021

Another experiment for us…we have a new composter!¬†¬†Second hand, new excited to try it out . I love the design, its off the ground so it will stay neat and tidy , add¬†the material and turn…ideal for our small yard¬†looking forward¬†see how it works!

Aug 2013 008


Aug 2013 034

Aug 2013 001

July – 2 Buck Market!

This is what I brought…

Japanese Anemones

July 2013 011

2 varieties of Kale, Yukon Gold Potatoes

July 2013 013

..and some fall seedlings of Broccoli –¬†2 varieties, Cabbage and Brussel Sprouts..

July 2013 016

Jeff and Neeka came to lend a hand ¬†ūüėČ

July 2013 017

A few people sought out the sun to sell their goods on the boulevard

July 2013 018

and some in the shade …where I hung out ūüôā along with our visiting musicians that played for us, how fun!

I purchased some Dragon Tongue Beans

July 2013 021

and beautiful Sun Flowers

July 2013 020

a tour of a 5 gardens followed , we were one of them..Yikes…

This was fun to see how others gardens¬†are¬†growing¬†, again I forgot my camera but¬†there are a few pictures on the markets website…Go to the” check¬†us out ” link here¬†¬†