Vegetable Garden Update

Where did Summer go! Wow! Fall is here! Just wanted to catch-up with whats happening here in the garden, with a look at some of our summer treats!

Tomatoes! Lots more to come! My favourite way to preserve them is Slow Roasting, for sauce and confit!

Cucumbers, Jalapeños and Thai Dragon peppers have been pickled & Candied!


Candied Jalapeño & Garlic! Thank you Lynda for this recipe!


Scarlet Runner Beans, Eggplant and Zucchini have been Roasted as well! Mostly for soup!

They will all be a lovely taste of summer in the middle of winter!


We’ve made Pesto, Spiralized, Grilled, Roasted and tossed Veggies in Salads!


Thoroughly enjoying our harvest!

Oh , yes ,Garlic did well, and the Tromboncino Squash was fun to grow! Look at the length  of it!

We grew enough Zucchini and Squash this year that we were able to cook the blossoms ! My frying skills are not good but it didn’t matter, they were amazing stuffed with cheese , fresh herbs and lightly fried! How Decadent!


Im also drying herbs and hot peppers.


I just gathered these baskets and apples 2 days ago, there is still plenty growing and seeds that have just been started!


Loved these flowers this year! Sad to see them go but ” To Everything There is A Season! ”

Bring on Fall! 😉

January 2016!

This month has flown by! We are busy working on a reno, so there hasn’t been much time for the garden or this blog 😉

I’m getting anxious to get outside to do some real work , I did manage to take a few quick pictures..

These came from the garden last night …

Jan. 2016 001

The potatoes that I planted late last year have actually grown through the winter! 015

Arugula is thriving, even with dark cool damp days…


The onions and carrots have survived , if I get a proper cover on them they should continue to do well…


same with celery …


Cauliflower sure has made news these days, veggies in general, with sky rocketing prices! Crazy! I don’t really understand why we are buying these from other countries when they grow virtually trouble free, in the dead of winter, right in our own backyard! Hmmm… What do I know…


Well, I do  know, what is growing in my little garden  is looking  promising , with an early start! 🙂

Check out the Garlic!



Our Garden In November; Fall/Winter Veggies

Fall is quickly feeling more like winter, with cooler, damp , short days.

When the sun shines  its a welcome reprieve! I grabbed my camera to capture it and some of the plants that are still thriving…

I love the color and texture of the Kohlrabi with Parsley..

Nov. 2015 002

Kohlrabi is an odd looking plant, completely edible, we used some leaves in our smoothie this morning.

Nov. 2015 003

Cauliflower should be ready in week or so…

Nov. 2015 009

Basil, in the Greenhouse, “In November” ! Crazy, but its is not happy with the cooler weather, maybe its the short days, well, its all coming out today!

Nov. 2015 006

New Zealand Oka needs a good frost before its pulled up.

Nov. 2015 007

The Potatoes seem to be growing well, but no baby spuds, yet!

Kale & Spring Sprouting Broccoli is loving this  weather.

Nov. 2015 008

along with Arugula, Cauliflower and Cabbage

Nov. 2015 010

In this bed there is Celery, Spinach, Lettuce, Chives and Thyme.

Nov. 2015 013

Yes, the Celery is still growing, fingers crossed, that we get the mild winter predicted !

Endive, Mustard Greens and Alyssum need to come out of this bed to make room for Garlic…

Nov. 2015 014

Blue Alyssum borders  Carrots, Onions and Kale

Nov. 2015 011

Today all the remaining Peppers , Broccoli  Crowns and Beans were collected

Nov. 2015 020

If all goes well, Broccoli should produce side shoots for a couple more months…Nov. 2015 021

Everything has had a good feeding with Kelp Extract!

Now its time, to get the Garlic in the ground and start a few more seeds for the greenhouse, more cool weather greens should work 😉

Here we go….

Happy 2014!!!

Jan. 2014 007

We’re off to a great start….its been mild and dry for us on the Wet West Coast, with signs of spring starting to show…

Jan. 2014 031

Iris & daffodils are popping up…

Jan. 2014 032

The Robins have left us some berries…

Jan. 2014 036

winter broccoli is producing well..

Jan. 2014 039

more broccoli

Jan. 2014 043

the peas have been struck by frost..

Jan. 2014 040

but new flowers are growing..

Jan. 2014 042

the celery I transplanted is sending up new shoots…next year they’ll go into the greenhouse

Jan. 2014 044

isn’t the color of the January King Cabbage beautiful?

Jan. 2014 045

Red Ball Brussels haven’t grown much, perhaps I didn’t transplant them early enough, something to try again this year….

Jan. 2014 046

Looking forward to seeing how early we’ll have Walla Walla onions…they’ve done well under cover

Jan. 2014 047

Garlic is just starting to show some signs of life…

Jan. 2014 049

My list of what to do in the garden is starting to grow too 😉

Don’t you love the beginning of a New Year, there are so many possibilities…

Celery Harvest in Nov…

Last week we pulled up the celery, approx..12 plants

Nov. 2013 002

they were big with lots of leaves..

Nov. 2013 001

since I do like to push the limit with some plants and not really knowing what to do with all of it, ha, ha……I decided to try transplanting a couple to a warm spot covering them with lots of mulch..

Nov. 2013 003

they are still looking good..

Nov. 2013 008

Now..what to do with all of the celery…hmmm …I’ve made more  pesto with the leaves,  saving some for smoothies..

Nov. 2013 009

chopped up a little for the freezer to use in stews, soups etc..

Nov. 2013 010

The heart of this celery is so sweet, unlike the stems…

Nov. 2013 011

I found an easy recipe for Cream Of Celery soup with out the cream…

Inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Cream Of Celery

Celery-1 head

Onions-1 large

Garlic- 1 clove

Sweat in a small amount of olive oil till tender, add seasonings and 1 Lt of Vegetable of Chicken Bouillon( I used low sodium)

Dried Dill-to taste ( I didn’t have parsley)

Pinch of cardamom ( I didn’t have Nutmeg)

Black Pepper to taste

simmer for approx. 15 min

Then I added a couple of tbsp. of Celery pesto

Nov. 2013 012

let cool..

Nov. 2013 013


Nov. 2013 015

Garnish with plain yogurt..

didn’t miss the cream at all 😉

we made several batches that are now in the freezer ..

Celery Almond Pesto …Yum!

What to do with all of your beautiful celery greens? This recipe is a hit..

Oct. 2013 015

Thank-you to –


I found her recipe for Celery Almond Pesto; mine is just a little different!

Oct. 2013 009

I used 4c of celery leaves

1/3 cup of whole almonds (not blanched)

2 large garlic cloves

1/3 cup parmigiano reggiano

2/3 cup olive oil( this is a little too much for me)

Lemon juice to taste

Chopped nuts and garlic together, grated the cheese

Oct. 2013 011

added to celery leaves and blended, slowly adding olive oil

Oct. 2013 012

then stirred in the lemon juice…

Look at the color of this. I hope its as intense on your screen, it is so vibrant  and so is the flavor! More mild and sweeter than basil or garlic space pesto’s. Don’t throw away your greens….you should really try it 🙂

Oct. 2013 013

Celery Pesto?

Were you wondering what to do with all of those celery leaves, it seems such a waste to discard them…

Oct. 2013 014

I just had this conversation last night! Well.. Laura , this is for you 😉

Oct. 2013 015

I found several websites today with recipes and nutritional info on the use of Celery Leaves…don’t throw them away, they are the best part of the plant, and you can use them in Pesto!

Oct. 2013 012

Ok, I haven’t tried this…. yet…. but I’m excited to give a go since I have so much Celery, I love pesto.. and it almost time to harvest all of it!

Oct. 2013 013

I’ve grown Tall Utah, it has really long slender stems and loads of green leaves

Oct. 2013 001

they can be chopped into salads, stir-fry’s, soups, stews, dried or frozen …

Oct. 2013 011

They can also be used in green smoothies!

Check out these links below if you would like the recipes or more information !