Spring Flowers

It’s such an amazing time of year!

Flowers are blooming in profusion!

Lilacs ❤

Their fragrance fills the air …

This is my favourite time of year on the coast.

Even the shades of green are rich and varied

Some over  wintered flowers are still looking so lovely

Walking in the local parks is a treat, to see all the new foliage, bursting out

and hunting for fairy slipper orchids, is fun too!


It’s a rainy day, but its welcome. The garden is getting dry. The new blooms are bright and cheery even on a grey day 🙂

There is so much happening in the veggie garden too, it has been keeping me very busy this last month . That will be another post. I am almost winning the battle against the weeds , in the shrub borders, which, is my next task, rain or not 😉


Planting Bulbs; Garlic,Tulips & Daffodils

Its catch up time this past week for planting bulbs…..late: but not too late for the Pacific North West, there is still time if you haven’t put yours in…


Garlic was the top priority 210 planted 10 Elephant Garlic and the rest were Red Russian


Next 100 Tulips :Red


and 100 Daffodils:Yellow


We’ve been working on a small remodel on our little North Garden, with more planned for early next year,  we are working on filling in some spaces with these bulbs, cant wait to see how it will look in the spring!


It looks  bare and  pretty messy after us tramping all over the yard when its muddy and wet….this is after we cleaned up ….Ha! More pictures of our progress in the new year 🙂



Happy Summer Solstice 2015!

The longest day of the year….

June 2015 005

the first day of summer…

June 2015 006

always makes me think of the fun worry free times as a child….the excitement of summer holidays….

June 2015 004

and warm long lazy days…

June 2015 008

I think we all crave that in the summer…

June 2015 003

along with some time to enjoy the rewards of hard work preparing;  pretty planters, veggie gardens,

June 2015 013

or just a nice  patch of freshly cut lush green  grass!

June 2015 002

Hope everyone has time to enjoy what ever it is that makes summer special to you 🙂

Happy Solstice and to all the Dads out there Happy Fathers Day!

Spring Greens in May

May 2015 007

It’s amazing  how quickly things grow at this time of year….

May 2015 009

and the different textures and shades are pretty too!

May 2015 011

In the flower garden it doesn’t take a lot of color to stand out….

May 2015 002

The veggie beds are exploding with Greens!

May 2015 020

New Zealand Oca looks like the perfect Shamrock.

May 2015 022

New transplants; are mostly all in…

May 2015 021

Strawberries have started to ripen but I thought this was a pretty mix of “green” May 2015 033

and the Jonagold apple is producing fruit ;0

May 2015 018

Potatoes are filling the pots and the Berry Trellis should be covered in Green, soon & berries too , I hope! May 2015 023

I love the color of this Grand Rapids Lettuce! It is huge and has great flavour …

May 2015 001

as do all the lovely assorted mix of prolific greens that spring provides…

May 2015 001


Spring Wildflowers

I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of some local wildflowers on our walk this morning …

Apr. 2015 020


Apr. 2015 018

Blue Camus

Apr. 2015 017

Chocolate Lily

Apr. 2015 011

Fairy Slipper, they are so elusive and what a great name!

Apr. 2015 015

I forget the names for these but love their colors!

July : In The Garden

Summer has truly arrived …

July 2014 016

I planted lots of Cosmos, one of my favorites for cut flowers too..

July 2014 043

Angels Fishing Rod flowering..

July 2014 044

more Cosmos..

July 2014 003

The Greenhouse Tomatoes ( Money Maker) have reached the roof

July 2014 004

and have several tomatoes…

July 2014 001

Thai Dragon Peppers are flowering..

July 2014 051

Cherry  Hot has a nice ripe pepper..

July 2014 005

Basil is taking off…

July 2014 006

Garlic has been pulled and hung up in the woodshed to dry…

July 2014 071

First of the Lemon Cucumbers ..

July 2014 008

Strawberries are slow but still in flower..


First tomatoes of the season

July 2014 093

Walla Walla Oions…

July 2014 028

all of the Peas have been picked along with Fava Beans, the plants have been pulled out to make room for Eggplant and Gypsy Peppers July 2014 032

I love fresh peas and cant resist pulling a few off every time I walked by 🙂 I could have timed a second planting better…oh well..next year. The second crop has just been  planted,  for Fall….