Spring Garden

I truly adore this time of year!

The colours, smells and signs of new life

Even the rain is welcome …..most of the time!

Ha, ha…

  Asparagus 🙂

Seedlings in the greenhouse!

Its been a slow cool season, but the ground had warmed up enough for peas to be planted and the overwintered Kale and Arugula has produced lots of fresh greens! Today is another rain day , so thankful for my little dry greenhouse as there are more seedlings to be tended to!

2018 Garden Season

It’s been a while since I’ve visited here! I have missed it and I’m hoping 2018 will provide some new energy and motivation for blogging and gardening!

Lets start with a little of what is happening in the Garden now.

Garlic is coming up nicely and we have loads of Arugula

Some Swiss Chard

and a few herbs : parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme…

are you humming that tune now..ha, ha…

We also have a few spring cauliflower slowly sizing up.

Trying to decide what to order for seeds still and looking forward to a fresh start!

Happy New Year and Happy Gardening!



Planting Bulbs; Garlic,Tulips & Daffodils

Its catch up time this past week for planting bulbs…..late: but not too late for the Pacific North West, there is still time if you haven’t put yours in…


Garlic was the top priority 210 planted 10 Elephant Garlic and the rest were Red Russian


Next 100 Tulips :Red


and 100 Daffodils:Yellow


We’ve been working on a small remodel on our little North Garden, with more planned for early next year,  we are working on filling in some spaces with these bulbs, cant wait to see how it will look in the spring!


It looks  bare and  pretty messy after us tramping all over the yard when its muddy and wet….this is after we cleaned up ….Ha! More pictures of our progress in the new year 🙂



January 2016!

This month has flown by! We are busy working on a reno, so there hasn’t been much time for the garden or this blog 😉

I’m getting anxious to get outside to do some real work , I did manage to take a few quick pictures..

These came from the garden last night …

Jan. 2016 001

The potatoes that I planted late last year have actually grown through the winter! 015

Arugula is thriving, even with dark cool damp days…


The onions and carrots have survived , if I get a proper cover on them they should continue to do well…


same with celery …


Cauliflower sure has made news these days, veggies in general, with sky rocketing prices! Crazy! I don’t really understand why we are buying these from other countries when they grow virtually trouble free, in the dead of winter, right in our own backyard! Hmmm… What do I know…


Well, I do  know, what is growing in my little garden  is looking  promising , with an early start! 🙂

Check out the Garlic!



Garlic- Red Russian

This is just one of the dozen that we planted in Oct!

Oct. 2014 033

Normally I save my own Garlic to plant but the Garlic Rust was so rampant last year I didn’t want to take any chances so I ordered fresh seed from Salt Spring Island.

June 2015 009

It worked out well! We used the Scapes for pesto …

July 2015 009

and we have a bumper crop of lovely large bulbs , which have been cured and cleaned  for storage!

July 2015 011

The rust hit again this year but much later , in June, so I’m going to try using our own again for  planting in the fall  🙂

July Garden; Catching Up

We are pulling up the peas, they are done!

July 2015 006

Round two!

July 2015 019

Beans this time! Maybe… there is  enough space to squeeze some peas in for the fall 🙂

July 2015 039

This volunteer Elephant Garlic is nice and we are ready to dig up the garlic patch…

July 2015 033

Here’s a few more pictures of what’s happening in the veggie garden..

July 2015 028

July 2015 034

Its been a challenge to keep everything watered, we’ve had a crazy spell of hot dry weather…

July 2015 030

some things are thriving others , not so much…

July 2015 018

overall, we have had some lovely meals and have been able to put a few goodies in the freezer…

July 2015 017

…we could grow more potatoes for the fall ..

July 2015 013

and a little more basil,  it is flowering very early ..

July 2015 012

Onions are loving the heat…

July 2015 009

so is the Zucchini

July 2015 007

and Patty Pan Squash..

July 2015 005

Marion Berries are ripening…

July 2015 025

If you are growing fall veggies, there is still time, I’m getting some more seeds in today 🙂

( The weird orange haze in the pictures is due to smoke from local fires. It is improving and we are really hoping that they are all under control soon! On the west coast we don’t wish for rain often but I tell you “A Good Rain would be Nice!!!)