Transplanting Basil

It’s a perfect day for gardening in the Greenhouse!

The Basil needs transplanting and i’ve just refilled the gutters with fresh soil! Last year ¬†our Genovese plants grew incredibly well in these.

I’m trying a new variety , Purple Ruffles, which will be planted with Lemon Basil in one of the smaller gutters. The 2 large ones will be filled with Genovese. The last one will be planted with Dill ( Fernleaf) which is a lower growing variety. Another experiment. ūüėČ

This is my  harvest from today! Wish I could share their incredible fragrance with you!

‚̧ Basil!




Veggie Garden Update

Sometimes it just takes a cloudy rainy day to sit down and catchup here. Ok, so it’s not really “Rain” just a drizzle…never the less appreciated, since its been terribly dry!

The Elephant Garlic has scapes and the green house has worked well for spring greens in the gutters and radishes in pots.


The Tomato transplants were planted May 10th

What a difference, in just a few weeks


We’ve enjoyed spring Cauliflower, Asparagus and Turnips. Note to self; ¬†I need to plant more Asparagus! We only have 3 plants, but they started producing spears in April and they are just finishing now! Pretty darn amazing, and the flavour can’t be beat!


Figs are growing on my new little tree and the Citrus blossoms are abundant. Their sweet fragrance fills the air!

We have some Sugar Snap Peas ! Cabbage and Broccoli are doing well and are under cover to protect them from the Cabbage Moth.

Here we are June already! Lots of work to still be done. I have emptied out the gutters and filling them with fresh soil for Basil transplants. Staking tomatoes and beans. Planting peppers and eggplant into large pots…Im sure there is more…

Happy Gardening ūüôā


Spring Garden

I truly adore this time of year!

The colours, smells and signs of new life

Even the rain is welcome …..most of the time!

Ha, ha…

¬†¬†Asparagus ūüôā

Seedlings in the greenhouse!

Its been a slow cool season, but the ground had warmed up enough for peas to be planted and the overwintered Kale and Arugula has produced lots of fresh greens! Today is another rain day , so thankful for my little dry greenhouse as there are more seedlings to be tended to!

Growing Strawberries in Gutters (Update)

Apr. 2014 021

This year we rearranged the gutters in the greenhouse.

Apr. 2014 005

Adding 2 more to the back of the greenhouse, giving us another 14 ft. and 18 plants…they are really small , bare root plants and planted much closer

Apr. 2014 003

It may be hard to see them, they are on the right. I was very happy to find the Tristar variety this year. Another ever-bearing, they are supposed to be superior in producing berries and disease resistance. I’ve never purchased bare root plants before, so when I was told each pot had 10 plants, I was reluctant to believe it, hmmm.. and came home with an extra 20 plants…ha! Good thing they were really well priced ūüôā

Apr. 2014 002

Last years plants were all over wintered in the raised bed , these are the ones we kept! All  Seascape, 20 of them are now in the gutters that are on the east wall.

Apr. 2014 001

The rest of the Tristar have a home in the raised bed next to the garage on a hot south facing wall along with the new lemon & lime trees! Tomatoes & cucumbers will also be planted here! Cant wait, this warm weather is tempting me to get them in the ground now ūüėČ

An update from what we did last year; We found that the gutters with the stones added for drainage didn’t work well, especially for replanting, plus the west facing wall was too hot and the gutters dried out too fast. Perhaps the other varieties are still worth while trying but for now we will just stick with the most hardy (Seascape & Tristar)

Here is the link to last years post, if you would like to see what we have been working on!


April Showers…

Apr. 2014 031

they are welcomed today, the garden is getting dry…..

Apr. 2014 008

its also a good time to blog ūüėČ

Apr. 2014 002

The pansies are looking so cheery

Apr. 2014 001

the daffodils are fading , but there is new growth coming up daily

Apr. 2014 029

Apr. 2014 028

Apr. 2014 034

Apr. 2014 027

Earlier this month,it looked like¬†the ¬†tomatoes, cucumber & basil were all sick..I had moved them into the greenhouse, several weeks ago. Well, it must have been too early, the nights were too cold, even with a heater.. and perhaps there wasn’t enough light…

Apr. 2014 031

once they were in the garage,  back on the grow stand, they picked up  and are growing really well!

Apr. 2014 009

Whew!! Over 100 tomato plants !!!

Apr. 2014 010

Cucumbers are also looking good, but, almost all of the basil, is gone…somethings don’t recover from a chill..I knew I was pushing it , starting them so early!!! Luckily its not too late to seed more..

Apr. 2014 007

We also a few peppers, squash, eggplant and radishes sprouting under the lights….

Apr. 2014 010

The strawberries have been transplanted after overwintering in the garden…

Apr. 2014 013

they are in the greenhouse in gutters ! We’ve moved both gutters to the west side this year, we had much better production there , the east side is too hot!

Apr. 2014 021

After only a couple of days, the flowers started to appear ūüôā

Apr. 2014 027

Here are¬†few more pictures from the back yard…

Apr. 2014 029

Apr. 2014 024

The Lilac is just starting to open …

Fall is Here!

Fall has hit us with a lot of rain,  as long as we get a few nice days in, the garden will still be plentiful.. for a little while longer! Cant believe its almost Oct!

Here’s what’s happening in the Greenhouse

Sept. 2013 001

This has been the best year ever for Basil- these were started in Feb !

Sept. 2013 002

Peppers are  ripening, Sea scape Strawberries have done the best!

Sept. 2013 003

Eggplants have flowers but they keep dropping, I’m trying to assist with pollination..they wont last much longer as the weather cools..

Sept. 2013 004

More onion seedlings are in..

Sept. 2013 005

Celery is huge…well..tall not really plump..

Sept. 2013 006

and Radishes , I almost gave up on are finally getting big enough to eat ūüôā

Sept. 2013 007

Yellow Bush Beans , also took a long time to grow…but this is the shady bed, could be lack of sun. I’m getting all of the soil tested in the spring..

Sept. 2013 008

Broccoli, Pole Beans and Butternut Squash in the Pot

Sept. 2013 009

Purple Pole Peas have such pretty flowers

Sept. 2013 010

Set. 2013 011

They are the tallest already 6 feet tall with lots of slender snow peas..Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli are in is here as well, they have huge leaves on them but no sign of sprouts… yet!

Set. 2013 008

The Snap peas are doing really well in one spot but not the others.

Set. 2013 009

These Butternut Squash don’t seem to be getting any bigger..

Sept. 2013 011

This was the third time planting Zucchini, 4 plants and all starting to produce.

Sept. 2013 012

Raspberry and Cabbage Bed..

Set. 2013 005

Onions and Calendula

Set. 2013 007

Chard & Squash..

Set. 2013 012

Potatoes & Cucumber

These are the Potatoes we planted in Aug. and the last cucumber  plant, it looks so spindly but its still sending out flowers..

Set. 2013 013

Garlic is all cleaned up and sorted for storage . We’ll be planting it again soon..

Set. 2013 004

This is the last of our Tomatoes and beginning of fall peas..

Set. 2013 003

Some goodies for the day!

Set. 2013 002

Sweet Summer Time

August is coming to an end ..sigh…

Aug. 2013 041

Here’s an¬†update for the past few weeks

The Japanese Silk Tree ( Albizia) Has been amazing, covered in blossoms and providing some shade…finally¬† ūüėČ

Aug. 2013 044

We have had a consistent production of Strawberries, loads of cucumbers and tomatoes

Aug. 2013 004

so many cucumbers at one time¬†… I really didn’t know what to do with them

Aug. 2013 003

I did some research¬†with Google, ¬†on making pickles , most didn’t recommend using slicers¬†cucs , eventually,¬†I found¬†this¬†old recipe, from the 1800s for Bread & Butter decided I didn’t have much to lose¬† and made it, with some help…

Aug. 2013 014

They are delicious, I’ll share the recipe later..

Aug. 2013 016

We’ve visited some local markets , these sunflower sprouts¬†are so good¬†, I have to grow some. We finally have some young zucchini plants , this is¬†the 3rd¬†attempt after losing the rest to slugs, so we may have our own zucchini yet and we have just picked the first of the eggplant!

Aug. 2013 008

Learned how to grow a 600 lb. pumpkin¬†at a local farm. They hope it’ll make it over 900lbs..crazy!

Aug. 2013 074

Visited the Point Ellice House Garden, this is only part of their veggie bed, I’ll post more on it later..

Aug. 2013 063

Tried more new recipes …Chia Blueberry Jam,¬†Have to admit, this is a healthy alternative but it’s not¬†a favourite . I made another batch of good old-fashioned cooked Blueberry Jam, it is the best, in my opinion.

Aug. 2013 005

planted the last of my seed potatoes. Is this way too late? I guess we’ll find out ūüėČ

Aug. 2013 011

Spent time visiting with my mom, who lives 600 miles away, she also enjoyed some garden time.

Aug. 2013 010

My sinks aren’t big enough to clean this baby..

Aug. 2013 083

there have been lots of beach visits too ..

Aug. 2013 068