Paperwhites : Narcissus tazetta

Jan. 2014 007

Have you ever tried growing these? It’s my first time!

Jan. 2014 008

This set was a Christmas present,  5 bulbs, some porous rocks, a plastic liner & the box with the bulbs on top of the rocks , set the base of the bulb into the rocks , add indoor garden!

Jan. 2014 010

this is after 2 weeks, they are almost ready to bloom…amazing!

Jan. 2014 016

they get quite tall, I fed them alcohol as per instructions, to stunt their growth

Jan. 2014 004

perhaps they needed more,  I just tied them up

Jan. 2014 001

the blossoms are incredibly fragrant & beautiful!

Jan. 2014 002

The petals are luminous, can you see the shimmer?

Jan. 2014 005

I tried to capture that in this painting …

Jan. 2014 001

Meyer Lemon Trees & Marion Berries

The trip to Bob Duncan’s Nursery was successful  & so informative! Wow what an interesting operation, amazing what you can grow with some ingenuity!

Oh, the temptation 😉

Jan. 2014 002

we came home with 2  Meyer Lemons and a Marion Berry..

sigh…they are pretty small so it may be a while before we have any, there is a little lemon forming and a few blossoms 😉

 Jan. 2014 003

Here is his website if you’re interested, his You Tube videos are also good!

Bob Duncan’s Fruit Trees & More

A couple of other items had to be ordered, so we will wait till April to write about those …fingers crossed that these babies will grow….

Here we go….

Happy 2014!!!

Jan. 2014 007

We’re off to a great start….its been mild and dry for us on the Wet West Coast, with signs of spring starting to show…

Jan. 2014 031

Iris & daffodils are popping up…

Jan. 2014 032

The Robins have left us some berries…

Jan. 2014 036

winter broccoli is producing well..

Jan. 2014 039

more broccoli

Jan. 2014 043

the peas have been struck by frost..

Jan. 2014 040

but new flowers are growing..

Jan. 2014 042

the celery I transplanted is sending up new shoots…next year they’ll go into the greenhouse

Jan. 2014 044

isn’t the color of the January King Cabbage beautiful?

Jan. 2014 045

Red Ball Brussels haven’t grown much, perhaps I didn’t transplant them early enough, something to try again this year….

Jan. 2014 046

Looking forward to seeing how early we’ll have Walla Walla onions…they’ve done well under cover

Jan. 2014 047

Garlic is just starting to show some signs of life…

Jan. 2014 049

My list of what to do in the garden is starting to grow too 😉

Don’t you love the beginning of a New Year, there are so many possibilities…