What Happened to July?

Here’s a few more highlights and events from last month…

These two look so pretty together,  Angels Fishing Rod, and Pink Hydrangea

July 2013 003

The final excavation of our Vegetable garden.We were thinking of digging it out ourselves..Crazy…it was a huge amount of material that came out of there…

July 2013 018

We harvested all of the Garlic 2 weeks ago….

July 2013 041

and hung them up to cure…

July 2013 042

160 bulbs…all different sizes but healthy

July 2013 047

Plums we raided from a neighbours tree ūüėČ

July 2013 008 - Copy

well…nobody lives there..lol… we made Sour Plum Jam..

July 2013 032 - Copy

Mint for drying & Cucumbers..

July 2013 043 - Copy

more cucs..

July 2013 001

most of them are almost a foot long…

July 2013 025

tomatoes are also coming along nicely..

July 2013 012

Yukon Gold’s are small but very tasty..

July 2013 045

Basil is still producing

July 2013 002

Romaine is too..

July 2013 013

nothing like a Crab feast after all the hard work..lol..

July 2013 007

and to share with ¬†family visiting from out of town ūüôā

July – 2 Buck Market!

This is what I brought…

Japanese Anemones

July 2013 011

2 varieties of Kale, Yukon Gold Potatoes

July 2013 013

..and some fall seedlings of Broccoli –¬†2 varieties, Cabbage and Brussel Sprouts..

July 2013 016

Jeff and Neeka came to lend a hand ¬†ūüėČ

July 2013 017

A few people sought out the sun to sell their goods on the boulevard

July 2013 018

and some in the shade …where I hung out ūüôā along with our visiting musicians that played for us, how fun!

I purchased some Dragon Tongue Beans

July 2013 021

and beautiful Sun Flowers

July 2013 020

a tour of a 5 gardens followed , we were one of them..Yikes…

This was fun to see how others gardens¬†are¬†growing¬†, again I forgot my camera but¬†there are a few pictures on the markets website…Go to the” check¬†us out ” link here¬†¬†http://www.2buckmarket.net/

Wow…Cucumbers …check out the Greenhouse!

I haven’t tried growing these in years, you cant beat the taste of a warm sweet ¬†cucumber freshly picked..

July 2013 001

I bought¬†a few¬†seedlings from a¬†local nursery¬†and put them in the greenhouse,¬†they¬† were quickly covered in powdery mildew…so a couple went in the trash but 2 were saved and planted in the garden beds. On another trip to the nursery I¬†couldn’t resist¬†a few more and discovered that my problem was likely lack of air circulation…so here we go again…the fan is hooked up and we have 3 more in the greenhouse. They have gone crazy…yes that is then draping over my head…tied to the top of the greenhouse!

July 2013 028

Look at the size of the cucs , and they taste sooo sweet!

The peppers are also huge, the plants that is the actual peppers are just getting started..¬†that is what I’m tying up, they are double the size from last year, they obviously love the larger pots(2 gal)


July 2013 031

Strawberries are still producing, not a lot at one time but still a nice treat when tending to the other plants ūüėČ

July 2013 030

All the fuss over Pesto…I think I’m getting it ….

I’ve grown Basil for years…yet…I have never made Pesto

The jars that I’ve bought I could take it or leave it…but now I can see why there is so much fuss…the taste of a Fresh Pesto is fabulous!

July 2013 011

That and the fact that the ingredients are only available , in abundance for a very short time. Also, a lot of fine ingredients go into making a small amount of this¬†delicious sauce…

My first attempt was a Garlic Scape & Basil Pesto..I tried 4 different recipes….I can see why the Scapes are so coveted for this dish.,. They add so much substance to the pesto,¬†so the volume made is much more substantial…and its a totally different flavour

Here are the ingredients from my favourite recipe, thanks to ..thecreeksidecook.com I quadrupled this one…

July 2013 007

Garlic Scapes-1/2 c. Basil-1/2 c.  packed tightly then chopped

July 2013 009

1/3 c. Pine nuts lightly toasted

July 2013 011

Juice of  1/2 Lemon, 1/2 c. Grated Parmesan Cheese & 1/3 c. of good quality Olive oil

July 2013 014

Salt& Ground Black Pepper to taste…I didn’t add salt, I find it salty enough once the cheese is added

Add everything except Cheese & Olive Oil( you could add the cheese but I wanted to  freeze some, this is best done without cheese)

July 2013 020

Process till finely chopped and a paste is formed…lightly mix in oil…this could also be done by hand to avoid over mixing..

July 2013 021

Voila mmmm pesto…

July 2013 024

This is only good in the fridge for a few days , freeze what is left over…

Then there is a Traditional Basil Pesto with Garlic Cloves..

The Basil has been beautiful this year..

July 2013 002

we also have our first Garlic Bulbs..

July 2013 026

Here is the recipe..

July 2013 027

Courtesy of…http://umamigirl.com/2011/07/my-perfect-homemade-pesto.html

!c shelled walnuts-lightly toasted

6 Garlic Scapes or 2 lg. Garlic Cloves ( I used the cloves)

6c. gently packed basil leaves then chopped

1 tsp. sea salt( I skipped this too)

1/4 tsp groud black pepper

Juice of 1 lemon

1/2 c. extra virgin olive oil

1/2 c parmesan reggiano (this is the best or use grand paderno)

mix and store ¬†the same as above…


More…catching up …cont’d July 2013

So many plants were looking sad. The Spaghetti and Summer Squash were covered in mildew…the peas were basically finished…they all came out…

July 2013 002

making room for yet another round of Carrots. This is the 3rd batch the other 2 were very disappointing…

Mesclen seeds were planted under the Cucumbers and a few Purple pole beans were put in. .maybe there is still enough time for them to grow ??

July 2013 016

I’m trying something new , covering the seeds with newspaper till they germinate. Hoping this will speed up the process. Will let you know how it works out!

July 2013 015

Broad Bean have been picked and cut down..leaving the Nitrogen rich roots in the ground…

So, I planted what I could for the fall…a few different lettuce seeds, peas, carrots, endive, kohlrabi, trying a few radishes in a cool wet spot, and ¬†hoping a couple of squash seeds will still produce???

July 2013 010

These are the seedlings I started before my trip and have just transplanted them; Winter cabbage, Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts…

July 2013 008

still have a few more¬†seed potatoes¬†¬†to throw into pots…I wonder if its too late…we shall see ūüėČ

Garlic Scape Pesto ..Who Knew it was so popular???

Garlic Scapes…

July 2013 023

we have an abundance…and I love them simply saut√©ed with greens..¬†there are¬†so many , and I don’t want to waste these short term tasty morsels…

June 2013 013

so…what do you do with them?

Cut off the stalks,use them as a substitute for fresh garlic, they are a little more subtle,¬†still¬†¬†tasty…

be careful, part of the stalk can be very tough , I treat it like Asparagus and break it off at the tender spot..

I was so intrigued with all of the garlic scapes …and thinking …Wow …what can we do with these???

July 2013 005

…well, as I’ve learned it isn’t that new or novel, but I still wanted something I¬†loved to eat …so I tried …several recipes…

July 2013 011

I’ve never been a Pesto “aficionado” but now … I¬†¬†want¬†¬†to be!! lol

what else do I do with these greens and all of the Basil that is growing like mad in  the greenhouse!

Well ,many Pesto¬†recipes were tried and the one that¬†I liked the best was very simple. I¬† didn’t process the olive oil, perhaps there is a chef out there that can explain this to me but all of the recipes that I blended the olive oil tasted bitter when I just mixed it in by hand it was sweet!!

July 2013 014

so some of the recipes were put into the freezer …without the cheese, it does seem that if cheese is added it is best to use it not to freeze it…a little left in jars to experiment with, or just to taste ūüėČ recipes to follow…

more catching up ….

We had¬† 5 ¬†beautiful cauliflowers and managed to use 2 before our trip they were perfect, we ran out of time to freeze the rest…

June 2013 012

this is what they looked like after 2 weeks..

July 2013 003 - Copy (2)

win some lose some…

July 2013 024

look at the beans, they are huge…are they going to be tough??

July 2013 015

some of the potato leaves had died, which seemed odd, they hadn’t ¬†flowered yet…¬†but I was really excited to see what the yield would be

July 2013 019

hmmm…well that was it, not quite 3 lbs…I dumped this to soon??? The straw is very wet..was I too good to them??

July 2013 020

so at the end of the day there was plenty to tend to, some things to toss., still, lots to eat ūüėČ

July 2013 023

We started with the beans, shelling them..

July 2013 001


July 2013 002

and removing¬†the beans¬†from their skins…a lot of work but these are delicious

July 2013 003

we threw some in with a few other greens, a fresh¬†shallot, from the garden¬†& garlic scapes¬† ¬†…yum..

July 2013 004

the rest went in the freezer.

More catching up to follow….