Its Time to Start Seeds

Hello February!

Feb. 2016 004

Here is A Vegetable Planting Guide for Coastal B.C. from West Coast Seeds

Planting Charts Coastal British Columbia

You can find their planting guide for anywhere in Canada right here: West Coast Seeds Planting Guides

Feb. 2016 002

I’m working on organizing my growing collection and looking forward to getting a few started 😉

Feb. 2016 001

We have used the last of our “Snow Crown”  Cauliflower . It was a stellar winter veggie, along with Arugula and Broccoli, which are still producing.  🙂

Oh yes… these will be grown again for next year….





Fall & Winter Garden

I started a lot of seeds about 2 weeks ago..

July 2015 001

Today was perfect for cleaning up some tired plants and transplanting the new ones….

Aug. 2015 005

I planted Kohlrabi, Cabbage, Cauliflower,

Aug. 2015 004


Aug. 2015 008

and Butter Crunch Lettuce.

Aug. 2015 007

Celery seedlings went into larger pots and I harvested the last of our mature beets and some of the Red Onions,

Aug. 2015 009

and added more mulch to the beds .

Aug. 2015 010

Kale, Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Spring Cauliflower still need to go in…

that’s tomorrow’s job…



Starting Seeds Feb.2015

Feb. 2015 005

The garden season really  begins this month, here , I know some friends and family will be wondering how we can possibly live in the same country! This year has been terrible out east, much worse than usual, lets hope that will come to an end soon! Its never too early to plan your garden, If you have the space for a couple of trays and provide some good light, you can go a little crazy, like me 🙂

Feb. 2015 002

These were started the first week of Feb. : Arugula, Spinach, Mustard Greens, Pak Choi, Corn Salad, Leeks, and a mixture of Onions, Walla Walla, Red, Scallions and Shallots.

Feb. 2015 009

The Greens have been transplanted but the Onions will need to stay on the heating pad till they get a little larger …In the meantime all plants are in the garage under light…

Feb. 2015 008

Broad Beans were put out in the garden 2 days ago and more seeds will be planted  in the next week , starting with  Tomatoes, Peppers , Eggplant and Basil . I’m going to try something new this year, pre-sprouting Peas, according to garden guru Linda Gilkeson, this the best way to avoid damage by pests that are prevalent in the springs damp soil…I’m hoping that means an early crop 🙂

April Showers…

Apr. 2014 031

they are welcomed today, the garden is getting dry…..

Apr. 2014 008

its also a good time to blog 😉

Apr. 2014 002

The pansies are looking so cheery

Apr. 2014 001

the daffodils are fading , but there is new growth coming up daily

Apr. 2014 029

Apr. 2014 028

Apr. 2014 034

Apr. 2014 027

Earlier this month,it looked like the  tomatoes, cucumber & basil were all sick..I had moved them into the greenhouse, several weeks ago. Well, it must have been too early, the nights were too cold, even with a heater.. and perhaps there wasn’t enough light…

Apr. 2014 031

once they were in the garage,  back on the grow stand, they picked up  and are growing really well!

Apr. 2014 009

Whew!! Over 100 tomato plants !!!

Apr. 2014 010

Cucumbers are also looking good, but, almost all of the basil, is gone…somethings don’t recover from a chill..I knew I was pushing it , starting them so early!!! Luckily its not too late to seed more..

Apr. 2014 007

We also a few peppers, squash, eggplant and radishes sprouting under the lights….

Apr. 2014 010

The strawberries have been transplanted after overwintering in the garden…

Apr. 2014 013

they are in the greenhouse in gutters ! We’ve moved both gutters to the west side this year, we had much better production there , the east side is too hot!

Apr. 2014 021

After only a couple of days, the flowers started to appear 🙂

Apr. 2014 027

Here are few more pictures from the back yard…

Apr. 2014 029

Apr. 2014 024

The Lilac is just starting to open …

March Update

Winter finally arrived, Feb was a crazy month…

Feb. 2014 015

still lots to do indoors like starting seeds..

Feb. 2014 019

this has been my grow light set up for a few years..

it worked well enough..but this year we decided to start a little more than usual..

Feb. 2014 020

this is what we came up with , Jeff did a great job building it 🙂

Feb. 2014 021

its in our home office, for now, planning to  find a home for it in the garage, if its not too cold…

Feb. 2014 022

it makes a huge difference having more light

Feb. 2014 023

the snow didn’t last long , now its time to clean up and plant a few things that over due…

Feb. 2014 031

I had hoped to dig this bed up before Xmas for winter potatoes

Feb. 2014 033

I thought there may be a few and  by now they would be mush…

Feb. 2014 032

there wasn’t many but all of them were beautiful, no bugs and a nice size!

Feb. 2014 034

Enough for dinner 😉