October Garden Update

Its slowing down, img_4137

the last summer Cucumbers were pulled out yesterday along with a few of our fall Radishes, Turnips, Yams and Herbs; all  were served with our Thanksgiving supper 🙂


Now we wait for a few more fall treats; Peas, Beets, Leeks, Spinach, Brussel Sprouts..


Broccoli, Carrots , Beans


more Turnips..


Parsnips , Kale, Lettuce and Cauliflower.


In the Greenhouse the Basil is waiting to be pulled out, it wont last much longer with our cooler nights, but the Peppers and Yams are still growing 🙂


Thinking of all my Family and Friends, especially this past Thanksgiving weekend and feeling very grateful for each and everyone of you!



June Garden Update

Whats happening in the veggie garden? Here’s a quick look…

June 2014 016

that’s it for the garlic scapes! The patty pan squash are just starting to develop..

June 2014 020

its looking green 🙂

June 2014 023

I wonder how big the Jerusalem Artichoke will get???

June 2014 022

Can you see my garden helper hiding behind the Kale? Her usual spot, in the shade …

June 2014 024

The other handsome helper !

June 2014 002

The last of the Winter Mustard Greens , have been made into Pesto, It is unbelievably delicious! I used the same Arugula Pesto recipe, just using the different Greens with Roasted Walnuts , Lemon Zest & Juice, Garlic , Olive Oil Salt & Pepper! Done, its in the freezer…along with…

July 2013 009

Garlic Scape Pesto!  There was just enough Basil for a small batch, I also used some mint with scapes for another , this turned out to be a very nice combination ! I guess I am hooked on this stuff and the freezer is starting to fill up  once again 🙂

Thank-you Lynda & Sheila for the tip on Freezing Garlic Scapes 🙂  I’m doing this for sure!

How To Freeze Garlic Scapes:

Wash & dry your scapes, cut them up and cover with a little olive oil, put them in the freezer.



February Update

Here’s a few pictures of whats happening in the garden..

Jan. 2014 023

Daffodil buds are showing…

Jan. 2014 018

Celery transplants are still there..( I started this blog a few days ago and since then we’ve had some unusually  cold temperatures,  the only loss in the garden was the celery ..I should have used some frost cloth, maybe it’ll recover… In the meantime there are more signs of life ..

Jan. 2014 011

Lemons are staying toasty with a little help…

Jan. 2014 016

Salad Burnet has nice new growth

Jan. 2014 010

Jan. 2014 009

Swisss Chard recovering from the frost…

Jan. 2014 007 

January King Cabbage

Jan. 2014 006

Small Broccoli Shoots  

 Jan. 2014 003

& Greens…

Feb. 2014 006

Rhubarb Crowns

Feb. 2014 005

Taller Garlic Greens

There is plenty of work to do to, like…cleaning up

Feb. 2014 002

my least favorite task 😉 Continue reading “February Update”

Its time to get started ….

Yes..indeed, it does seem early but look …the first crocus in the yard 🙂

Jan. 2014 022

If you haven’t already, sow some seeds indoors: onions & leeks… oops 😉 this should have been done last month in the Northwest…

Jan. 2014 014

We just used the last of our Shallots ( Ambition), they were amazing ,  we’ll grow them again, along with Walla Walla onions., this is the 2nd crop that we started in Aug. Green onions are going in as well..Broad Beans are next, directly in the garden after this week of frosty weather passes.

Jan. 2014 024

which reminds me … the Hummingbirds are relying on their feeders especially in freezing temps, they need to be kept full & thawed out…

Well…there is more planning to do, sorting out seeds and adding to the collection…lol..then plant…here we go…  🙂

Planning for Lemons, Limes & A little Candy making too…

Meyer Lemons & Limes 🙂

Aug. 2013 005

These are on my wish list for 2014! Yes to grow ! I’m making an appointment to visit Bob Duncan’s Nursery,  hes our local specialist on bringing some of the Mediterranean to our Island!

Have a look at his You Tube Video:


I’ll update you once I’ve been there 😉

In the mean time I have to share this recipe for Candied Peel that I made this winter…its the best, I’m warning you!! ha, ha, ha..

I have been buying Organic Lemons & Limes for a while now , mainly because I like to grate the peels for different dishes…It always seemed a shame to throw them  in the Compost Bin …I wont any more..Check this out..

Dec. 2013 005

They taste sooo… good, and would make a beautiful gift!

Dec. 2013 006

I made one jar and have a jar of lemon syrup in the fridge! It takes quite a bit of fruit, well worth the effort as far as I’m concerned 😉

Here’s the link to the recipe I followed: you can use it for any citrus fruit!


How to Make Candied Lemon Peels


March 2013 024

It’s that time of year, actually, the earliest that I’ve planted potatoes and I’m trying something different …These take up a lot of room in the raised beds and crop rotation is proving to be a bit of a challenge, so I’m growing them in pots…Inspired by another blogger, check it out here

March 2013 012

As usual I am throwing my own twist into a recipe…Christina uses “Seasoil potting mix” I didn’t want to purchase the prepared smaller bags so..I’m making my own …We bought a yard of “100% organic Seasoil”. Yes… much easier and afforadable with your own dumptruck..we are lucky to have that..

Its been raining, so  this was  a very  heavy wet load…

I preapred the 10 gal. pots( make sure your pots are deep enough 16in or more) using some old straw that I had pulled from the raised beds to cover the drainage holes, this will add light weight drainage and hopefully keep the soil in the pots..(  normally I  line them with landscape fabric  )

March 2013 015

Added the Seasoil

March 2013 016

Mixed together, 2 parts garden soil, 1 part pearlite and 1 part peatmoss…

March 2013 017

Mix with the Seasoil

March 2013 018

The combined soil needs to be approx 4 in. deep, place the potatoes on top and cover with 2 in. of soil…

I purchased  9lbs of organic seed potatoes-6lbs of Yukon Gold( my favourite), 1.5 lbs of French Fingerlings( they have interesting color & mild flavour), 1.5lbs of Blue Russian( great color and texture)

All of them are sitting on my kitchen table, some cut into pieces to dry out overnight, they will be planted in the morning…4-5 per pot…more pictures to follow…