October Garden Update

Its slowing down, img_4137

the last summer Cucumbers were pulled out yesterday along with a few of our fall Radishes, Turnips, Yams and Herbs; all  were served with our Thanksgiving supper 🙂


Now we wait for a few more fall treats; Peas, Beets, Leeks, Spinach, Brussel Sprouts..


Broccoli, Carrots , Beans


more Turnips..


Parsnips , Kale, Lettuce and Cauliflower.


In the Greenhouse the Basil is waiting to be pulled out, it wont last much longer with our cooler nights, but the Peppers and Yams are still growing 🙂


Thinking of all my Family and Friends, especially this past Thanksgiving weekend and feeling very grateful for each and everyone of you!



My New Experiment; Growing Yams

This started in Feb with the attempt to sprout 3 Yams ; 1 is organic

Feb. 2016 009

It was the only one that sent out slips

Apr. 2016 005

the other two had a few roots but no signs of sprouting..

May 2016 012

This is what the slips looked like before dividing them into..

May 2016 008

4 healthy looking plants

May 2016 010

I planted them in potting soil and let them root for 2 more weeks,

May 2016 008

then transplanted them into 15 gal pots

May 2016 010

They love the heat so we’ll keep them in the greenhouse.

Looking forward to seeing how they progress 🙂

April in the Garden

This my favourite time of year and its going by quickly…

Mar. 2016 001

Here’s what happening in the garden…

Mar. 2016 002

Spring flowers…

Mar. 2016 006

Lilac Blossoms

Apr. 2016 006

The veggie beds are growing wildly with warmer , longer days..

Apr. 2016 006

Lots of Broccoli Sprouts

Apr. 2016 001

I took this picture of the Apple Blossoms to post 2 days ago ..

Apr. 2016 003

this one is from today

Apr. 2016 004

Apr. 2016 007

Over wintered lettuce, spinach, thyme , celery and cauliflower..

Apr. 2016 008 Apr. 2016 009

Spring Onions

Apr. 2016 010


Apr. 2016 013

Garlic & Greens..

Apr. 2016 014

more Broccoli

Apr. 2016 015

Over wintered Cauliflower is almost ready for the table 🙂

Apr. 2016 016 Apr. 2016 017

more broccoli plants…

Apr. 2016 018

Spinach & Radishes are in the Green House along with some new transplants…

Apr. 2016 020

& Peas…

Apr. 2016 021

Tomato plants are ready for bigger pots…

Apr. 2016 024

so are the yams….they are starting to grow leaves under water…

Apr. 2016 025

Not a great picture, but, Cool…well I think it is…ha!

Today In the Garden:Feb.2016

Feb. 2016 004

Purple Sprouting Broccoli is almost ready, I love its colors and flavour 😉

Feb. 2016 005

Look at all the side shoots! I’ve just read that you should plan 2- 3 plants per person , we have 9 , so  we’ll see if that’s enough.

Feb. 2016 001

Seedlings are sprouting already 🙂

This is what I’ve started so far;

In the Garden:

Broad Beans-Windsor

Peas-Purple Pole

In the Greenhouse:

Radishes – Pin pong & Early Scarlet

Peas-Sugar Snap & Cascadia

On Heat In the Garage:

Peppers- Thai Dragon & Red Bull’s Horn


Kale-Red Russian, Blue Scott, Lacinato & Improved Siberian

Pac Choi-Toy Choi

Asian Greens

Onions-Walla Walla, Redwing, Sweet Spanish,Scallions, Shallots(Ambition)

Artichoke-Green Globe

Swiss Chard-Bright Lights

Kohlrabi-Purple Vienna

Spinach – Corvair, Samish, Tyee


Check out the yams, they are sending out roots  🙂

Feb. 2016 002

I know its not the nicest picture, but I think its very interesting, cant wait to see what they do!