What Does A Coffee & Medical Supply Shop have in Common?

and how does this relate to a gardening blog?

July 2014 030

Free Produce ;)

July 2014 031

My mom was just here visiting . On one of our coffee shop trips  a sweet lady came in offering bags of Figs from her garden, for free..of course I took one and they were awesome :)

Aug. 2014 005

Its been a rainy day here today, I mean seriously rainy, so a good time to catch up with blogging

Aug. 2014 001

and for cooking up this monster Zucchini , also a freebie from the Medical supply shop where we had borrowed a wheelchair…

They had a wheel barrel full of them , once we chatted with the staff and got the story where they were from, we grabbed one , it is one of the veggies I didn’t grow this year :)

Aug. 2014 006

Today was the perfect day to chop it up and try a new soup recipe….yes soup in the middle of summer , it felt like the right thing to do ..

Aug. 2014 010

and let me tell you , it was good ;)

Here’s the recipe:

5 lbs. of Zucchini chopped

3-4 medium Onions  chopped

6 Garlic cloves sliced

2 Chili peppers, chopped fine

1 cup Chicken Bouillon

Fresh Rosemary – I just grabbed several sprigs

Fresh Basil & Oregano- I didnt measure, just used a handful of basil and maybe a Tbsp. of oregano

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper

Combine zucchini , onions , garlic and rosemary,  toss with olive oil and roast in a 375 oven till tender and just staring to brown, approx. 40 min. Discard rosemary stems. Puree vegetables, I used our blender , with herbs, chili peppers and bouillon , season to taste. reheat if necessary

I served this with  Creme Fraiche and diced tomatoes.


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Sweet Summer Time

Its been a rare summer …

July 2014 006

with an abundance of beautiful warm sunny days, so perfect for the garden.

July 2014 036

Tomatoes, beans, and summer squash are prolific :)

Aug. 2014 013

Its fun to reap the benefits, after patiently waiting , watching & watering…

July 2014 054

Finally,  some nice carrots  :)

July 2014 002

Growing them in pots has worked well!

Aug. 2014 001

Red & Purple Potatoes

July 2014 043

Money Maker  & Black Krim Tomatoes

July 2014 003

Strawberries , more beans & cherry toms…

July 2014 044

Romaine Lettuce

Aug. 2014 012

Yes…more tomatoes..

Aug. 2014 010

Gardeners Delight Cherry Toms

Aug. 2014 008

The Black Krim have been amazing…

Aug. 2014 009

look how big they are…

Aug. 2014 007

more beans…

July 2014 012

Walla Walla Onions are drying in the sun…

Aug. 2014 016

Now …what should I do with these???



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July : In The Garden

Summer has truly arrived …

July 2014 016

I planted lots of Cosmos, one of my favorites for cut flowers too.. July 2014 043

Angels Fishing Rod flowering..

July 2014 044

more Cosmos..

July 2014 003

The Greenhouse Tomatoes ( Money Maker) have reached the roof July 2014 004

and have several tomatoes…

July 2014 001

Thai Dragon Peppers are flowering..

July 2014 051

Cherry  Hot has a nice ripe pepper..

July 2014 005

Basil is taking off…

July 2014 006

Garlic has been pulled and hung up in the woodshed to dry…

July 2014 071

First of the Lemon Cucumbers ..

July 2014 008

Strawberries are slow but still in flower..


First tomatoes of the season

July 2014 093

Walla Walla Oions…

July 2014 028

all of the Peas have been picked along with Fava Beans, the plants have been pulled out to make room for Eggplant and Gypsy Peppers July 2014 032

I love fresh peas and cant resist pulling a few off every time I walked by :) I could have timed a second planting better…oh well..next year. The second crop has just been  planted,  for Fall….


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Summer Solstice 2014!

There are a few times,

June 2014 022

when you think,

June 2014 028

a day couldn’t get any better…

June 2014 029

today was one of them…

June 2014 024

Happy Summer Solstice to All  :)

June 2014 001


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June Garden Update

Whats happening in the veggie garden? Here’s a quick look…

June 2014 016

that’s it for the garlic scapes! The patty pan squash are just starting to develop..

June 2014 020

its looking green :)

June 2014 023

I wonder how big the Jerusalem Artichoke will get???

June 2014 022

Can you see my garden helper hiding behind the Kale? Her usual spot, in the shade …

June 2014 024

The other handsome helper !

June 2014 002

The last of the Winter Mustard Greens , have been made into Pesto, It is unbelievably delicious! I used the same Arugula Pesto recipe, just using the different Greens with Roasted Walnuts , Lemon Zest & Juice, Garlic , Olive Oil Salt & Pepper! Done, its in the freezer…along with…

July 2013 009

Garlic Scape Pesto!  There was just enough Basil for a small batch, I also used some mint with scapes for another , this turned out to be a very nice combination ! I guess I am hooked on this stuff and the freezer is starting to fill up  once again :)

Thank-you Lynda & Sheila for the tip on Freezing Garlic Scapes :)  I’m doing this for sure!

How To Freeze Garlic Scapes:

Wash & dry your scapes, cut them up and cover with a little olive oil, put them in the freezer.




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Garlic Scapes In June

Its an early harvest this year

June 2014 009

too bad, the Basil is  still too small, I was planning to use all of these for my favorite Pesto recipe!  I may have to shop ;)

June 2014 002

We have Elephant Garlic Scapes as well, they stand very straight & tall compared to the rest

June 2014 003

and they are huge!

June 2014 014

This lovely Squash was left at my door with a few empty pots, which I always seem to need! I don’t know who the kind Gift Bearer is ! Just by chance, if you are reading this ….Thank-you  :)



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Too Much Arugula? Make Pesto !

Our little patch of Arugula a month ago…

May 2014 004

quickly bolted , as it does when the weather warms up…

June 2014 002

with so much to use , I Googled Pesto recipes :)

June 2014 005

One recipe made 1/2 pint + …..Had to share with you as requested by Lynda ;)

I found the recipe here http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-nutty-arugula-pesto-with-penne-and-parmesan-recipes-from-the-kitchn-190837

I left out the Parmesan , I like to add it with pasta. I  also didn’t use basil and substituted it with ..what else…. Arugula!

Its really good!


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