April Showers…

Apr. 2014 031

they are welcomed today, the garden is getting dry…..

Apr. 2014 008

its also a good time to blog ;)

Apr. 2014 002

The pansies are looking so cheery

Apr. 2014 001

the daffodils are fading , but there is new growth coming up daily

Apr. 2014 029

Apr. 2014 028

Apr. 2014 034

Apr. 2014 027

Earlier this month,it looked like the  tomatoes, cucumber & basil were all sick..I had moved them into the greenhouse, several weeks ago. Well, it must have been too early, the nights were too cold, even with a heater.. and perhaps there wasn’t enough light…

Apr. 2014 031

once they were in the garage,  back on the grow stand, they picked up  and are growing really well!

Apr. 2014 009

Whew!! Over 100 tomato plants !!!

Apr. 2014 010

Cucumbers are also looking good, but, almost all of the basil, is gone…somethings don’t recover from a chill..I knew I was pushing it , starting them so early!!! Luckily its not too late to seed more..

Apr. 2014 007

We also a few peppers, squash, eggplant and radishes sprouting under the lights….

Apr. 2014 010

The strawberries have been transplanted after overwintering in the garden…

Apr. 2014 013

they are in the greenhouse in gutters ! We’ve moved both gutters to the west side this year, we had much better production there , the east side is too hot!

Apr. 2014 021

After only a couple of days, the flowers started to appear :)

Apr. 2014 027

Here are few more pictures from the back yard…

Apr. 2014 029

Apr. 2014 024

The Lilac is just starting to open …

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Spring Flowers & Seedlings

Its been 2 weeks since I took these pictures, and already so much has changed in the Garden! Here’s the update anyways, I’m late posting it..

My apologies to friends and family on the other side of the rock pile ( you know who you are )… don’t hate me ;)

Apr. 01 2014 026

Rosemary In Bloom

Apr. 01 2014 019

Heather & Daffodils

Apr. 01 2014 018

Pansies & Tulips almost ready to bloom..

Apr. 01 2014 024

Magnolia Buds

Apr. 01 2014 034

Re potting seedlings

Apr. 01 2014 035

I’ve added a few pictures of the veggie beds also..

Apr. 01 2014 037

Apr. 01 2014 031

Apr. 01 2014 032

Apr. 01 2014 027

Apr. 01 2014 029

These will have to come out pretty soon, to make way for the new seedlings..

We’ve planted potatoes in a couple of beds and over them, planted Mustard Greens and Corn Salad!  Kale & Spinach starts are ready to go in and the Strawberries are getting transplanted, today, into the gutters and back in the Greenhouse! Well I had better get some work done…will follow up again shortly! :)



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March Update

Winter finally arrived, Feb was a crazy month…

Feb. 2014 015

still lots to do indoors like starting seeds..

Feb. 2014 019

this has been my grow light set up for a few years..

it worked well enough..but this year we decided to start a little more than usual..

Feb. 2014 020

this is what we came up with , Jeff did a great job building it :)

Feb. 2014 021

its in our home office, for now, planning to  find a home for it in the garage, if its not too cold…

Feb. 2014 022

it makes a huge difference having more light

Feb. 2014 023

the snow didn’t last long , now its time to clean up and plant a few things that over due…

Feb. 2014 031

I had hoped to dig this bed up before Xmas for winter potatoes

Feb. 2014 033

I thought there may be a few and  by now they would be mush…

Feb. 2014 032

there wasn’t many but all of them were beautiful, no bugs and a nice size!

Feb. 2014 034

Enough for dinner ;)


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Seedy Saturday

This is a popular Garden/Seed Show & Sale , Its been years since I’ve been , it was interesting and busy..I’m not such a fan of crowds, it was awkward to take pictures and difficult to get to the tables,

Feb. 2014 001

especially the mushroom guys! Their kits were very cool , and what a great selection  Oyster,Shiitake, Chanterelle, Portobello, Crimini or White Button mushrooms, one table was pretty much sold out in 1 1/2 hrs…Wow, the other had a limited selection left, we didn’t take one but we’ll go back to see him !

Feb. 2014 002

there were lots of plants and seedlings

Feb. 2014 017

oh yes and seeds…..with out much patience for waiting and jostling in line , only a few came home  ;)

Feb. 2014 012

I did find some organic  seed potatoes , a Lee Valley Gardening catalogue, Love looking through them..

Feb. 2014 016

This is what I was looking for !

Oca ( Oxalis tuberosa or New Zealand Yams) & Sun-chokes  ( Jerusalem Artichokes)

I’ve read that they are a great  winter staple harvested late in the year. Once you have them you don’t need to purchase tubers again just save a few to put back in the garden. I’ve added a link to these as well with nutrition information !

Thank-you to the kind lady for giving me a warning regarding  Sun chokes,  it will spread so if you aren’t diligent with digging them up you may regret planting it…hmmmm, maybe a big pot will work :)


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February Update

Here’s a few pictures of whats happening in the garden..

Jan. 2014 023

Daffodil buds are showing…

Jan. 2014 018

Celery transplants are still there..( I started this blog a few days ago and since then we’ve had some unusually  cold temperatures,  the only loss in the garden was the celery ..I should have used some frost cloth, maybe it’ll recover… In the meantime there are more signs of life ..

Jan. 2014 011

Lemons are staying toasty with a little help…

Jan. 2014 016

Salad Burnet has nice new growth

Jan. 2014 010

Jan. 2014 009

Swisss Chard recovering from the frost…

Jan. 2014 007 

January King Cabbage

Jan. 2014 006

Small Broccoli Shoots  

 Jan. 2014 003

& Greens…

Feb. 2014 006

Rhubarb Crowns

Feb. 2014 005

Taller Garlic Greens

There is plenty of work to do to, like…cleaning up

Feb. 2014 002

my least favorite task ;) Continue reading


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Its time to get started ….

Yes..indeed, it does seem early but look …the first crocus in the yard :)

Jan. 2014 022

If you haven’t already, sow some seeds indoors: onions & leeks… oops ;) this should have been done last month in the Northwest…

Jan. 2014 014

We just used the last of our Shallots ( Ambition), they were amazing ,  we’ll grow them again, along with Walla Walla onions., this is the 2nd crop that we started in Aug. Green onions are going in as well..Broad Beans are next, directly in the garden after this week of frosty weather passes.

Jan. 2014 024

which reminds me … the Hummingbirds are relying on their feeders especially in freezing temps, they need to be kept full & thawed out…

Well…there is more planning to do, sorting out seeds and adding to the collection…lol..then plant…here we go…  :)


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Paperwhites : Narcissus tazetta

Jan. 2014 007

Have you ever tried growing these? It’s my first time!

Jan. 2014 008

This set was a Christmas present,  5 bulbs, some porous rocks, a plastic liner & the box with instructions..place the bulbs on top of the rocks , set the base of the bulb into the rocks , add water..TaDa..an indoor garden!

Jan. 2014 010

this is after 2 weeks, they are almost ready to bloom…amazing!

Jan. 2014 016

they get quite tall, I fed them alcohol as per instructions, to stunt their growth

Jan. 2014 004

perhaps they needed more,  I just tied them up

Jan. 2014 001

the blossoms are incredibly fragrant & beautiful!

Jan. 2014 002

The petals are luminous, can you see the shimmer?

Jan. 2014 005

I tried to capture that in this painting …

Jan. 2014 001


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