Its Time to Start Seeds

Hello February!

Feb. 2016 004

Here is A Vegetable Planting Guide for Coastal B.C. from West Coast Seeds

Planting Charts Coastal British Columbia

You can find their planting guide for anywhere in Canada right here: West Coast Seeds Planting Guides

Feb. 2016 002

I’m working on organizing my growing collection and looking forward to getting a few started ;)

Feb. 2016 001

We have used the last of our “Snow Crown”  Cauliflower . It was a stellar winter veggie, along with Arugula and Broccoli, which are still producing.  :)

Oh yes… these will be grown again for next year….






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January 2016!

This month has flown by! We are busy working on a reno, so there hasn’t been much time for the garden or this blog ;)

I’m getting anxious to get outside to do some real work , I did manage to take a few quick pictures..

These came from the garden last night …

Jan. 2016 001

The potatoes that I planted late last year have actually grown through the winter! 015

Arugula is thriving, even with dark cool damp days…


The onions and carrots have survived , if I get a proper cover on them they should continue to do well…


same with celery …


Cauliflower sure has made news these days, veggies in general, with sky rocketing prices! Crazy! I don’t really understand why we are buying these from other countries when they grow virtually trouble free, in the dead of winter, right in our own backyard! Hmmm… What do I know…


Well, I do  know, what is growing in my little garden  is looking  promising , with an early start! :)

Check out the Garlic!




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December in the Garden

It has been stormy lately with wild winds !


Look at the waves on the waterfront ( not my home)

( Photo courtesy of Peninsula News Review)

Yesterday was a balmy 12 degrees C and today is mild: got to love El Niño weather! In between storms and frosts we’ve been busy cooking to preserve some produce, making  soup, baking and preparing for Christmas.  I’ll share some recipes later. There really isn’t anything new in the garden, but  there is growth!

Dec. 2015 006

Check out this Cauliflower, its ready to use, we’ve harvested several and  there are more to come!

Dec. 2015 007


Dec. 2015 007

Broccoli Shoots

Dec. 2015 008


Dec. 2015 008


Dec. 2015 013

Kale with a nasty Cabbage Worm,…they seem to love this warm weather too :(

Dec. 2015 011

Carrots & Walla Walla Onions

Dec. 2015 014

Kohlrabi & Parsley

Dec. 2015 005


Dec. 2015 010

Spinach, this is my latest experiment , there  are 4 varieties here , I’m hoping one will grow better at this time of year, so far they all look terrible, I’m going to try covering them and put out more slug bait…

Dec. 2015 009

This isn’t the most attractive time of year for veggie beds, luckily there are other nice features in the garden.

Pyracantha loaded with berries and the Calla Lilies in front, which never look like this at this time of year, may bloom…

Dec. 2015 020

There are always a few cheerful Pansies

Dec. 2015 019

and the Pieris add some color..

Dec. 2015 021

Seed catalogues are arriving in the mail , I love getting them, time to start planning what to plant next month :)





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Our Garden In November; Fall/Winter Veggies

Fall is quickly feeling more like winter, with cooler, damp , short days.

When the sun shines  its a welcome reprieve! I grabbed my camera to capture it and some of the plants that are still thriving…

I love the color and texture of the Kohlrabi with Parsley..

Nov. 2015 002

Kohlrabi is an odd looking plant, completely edible, we used some leaves in our smoothie this morning.

Nov. 2015 003

Cauliflower should be ready in week or so…

Nov. 2015 009

Basil, in the Greenhouse, “In November” ! Crazy, but its is not happy with the cooler weather, maybe its the short days, well, its all coming out today!

Nov. 2015 006

New Zealand Oka needs a good frost before its pulled up.

Nov. 2015 007

The Potatoes seem to be growing well, but no baby spuds, yet!

Kale & Spring Sprouting Broccoli is loving this  weather.

Nov. 2015 008

along with Arugula, Cauliflower and Cabbage

Nov. 2015 010

In this bed there is Celery, Spinach, Lettuce, Chives and Thyme.

Nov. 2015 013

Yes, the Celery is still growing, fingers crossed, that we get the mild winter predicted !

Endive, Mustard Greens and Alyssum need to come out of this bed to make room for Garlic…

Nov. 2015 014

Blue Alyssum borders  Carrots, Onions and Kale

Nov. 2015 011

Today all the remaining Peppers , Broccoli  Crowns and Beans were collected

Nov. 2015 020

If all goes well, Broccoli should produce side shoots for a couple more months…Nov. 2015 021

Everything has had a good feeding with Kelp Extract!

Now its time, to get the Garlic in the ground and start a few more seeds for the greenhouse, more cool weather greens should work ;)


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Bobs Veggie Garden-Update

Here are a few pictures to show the progress of our Garden Share Project :


June 2015 007


July 2015 008


Aug. 2015 005 Aug. 2015 004 Aug. 2015 003 Aug. 2015 002 Aug. 2015 008 Aug. 2015 007

September; These are just a few of the beautiful Squash that we harvested :)

Sept. 2015 046

Fall Transplants

Sept. 2015 045 Sept. 2015 044 Sept. 2015 043


Nov. 2015 376

Nov. 2015 377 Nov. 2015 378 Nov. 2015 379 Nov. 2015 380

This has been a fun project, providing us with beautiful fresh produce and lots of smiles!



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Thanks Giving Garden Update

It feels like fall with cooler temps and rainy days,  we are still pretty busy in the veggie garden and for that, I am very Thankful!

Sept. 2015 081

Daily Harvest

Sept. 2015 075

a few tired Tomato plants are slowly finishing up…

Sept. 2015 077

we have a second round of Basil in the green house

Sept. 2015 076

these peppers are huge : the weird red glow is from my umbrella :)

Sept. 2015 068

My first time growing Kohlrabi , with success  :)

Sept. 2015 072

we have Carrots for Thanks Giving Dinner

Sept. 2015 071

and this has been the best season for  Broccoli

Sept. 2015 013

I’m still hoping our late figs will ripen

Sept. 2015 073

Romaine Lettuce along with other greens are filling the beds

Sept. 2015 074

we have several Lemons & limes

Sept. 2015 054

and lots of fresh growth (Alyssum, Broccoli and Spring Cauliflower, Pole Beans along the wall with the Apple Trees)

Sept. 2015 085

Snow Peas, Beets and Broccoli Pots

Sept. 2015 084

The beds are pretty full, this one has some room for Garlic, its time to get it planted!

Sept. 2015 069

Fall Potatoes, these were planted mid September, they are starting to flower now..

Sept. 2015 088

and I have just planted a few more in hopes of serving them for Christmas  :)

Happy Thanks Giving to all my Canadian Family & Friends !!!


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Green ,Yellow & Striped Beans

We are growing several varieties Blue Lake Pole, Carson, Serengeti and Dragon Tongue.

Sept. 2015 026

This has been the most successful year for Beans.

Sept. 2015 037

We planted them after removing the peas, which meant, we had to wait patiently for a late crop,

Aug. 2015 009

but it was worth it! We are filling up freezer bags and have had many good meals!

Sept. 2015 059

I like them simply steamed on their own or with onions & potatoes, topped with basil butter. I tried something new, making a nice hearty warm salad, another favourite  ;)

Here’s what I did;

Beans, cut in 1 in. pieces, steamed or lightly boiled

Summer Squash, sliced thinly (approx. 1/4 in)

Arugula or Lettuce ( dressed with olive oil, salt & pepper)

Sweet Onions finely diced

Apple sliced a little thinner than the squash

Apple Cider Vinegar

Maple Syrup

E.V. Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper

Crumbled Bacon ( warm )

Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Cook beans, Sauté onions  in olive oil and salt till tender( 5 min. approx.)  add the summer squash and sliced apples cook till squash is tender, then add vinegar & syrup, mix and remove from heat,  top a dressed bed of Lettuce or Arugula with mixture, and add additional toppings of grated sharp cheddar, crumbled bacon bits. Add more seasoning if you need to .

( I do think adding some toasted chopped nuts , instead of bacon, would be awesome too)

Sorry no picture , next time  ;)


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