Garden Sharing with a New Friend!

Its great when you meet new people with common interests. For the last few years I have been giving away most of our extra garden plants to  neighbours.

June 2014 002

One of them  told me he knew a guy that would love some of my tomato plants, no problem! That year I received a beautiful polished stone pendant on a black rope , made by him, I hadn’t met him yet. It turns out Bob walks by our house every day with his Norwegian walking sticks, eventually we were introduced, and met up again the following year for more plants!  He also dropped off some lovely seed catalogues in the middle of winter, I loved that! This year , Bob asked if I had any squash plants. I felt so bad…No..  I had only started a couple, they are such huge plants and I just didn’t have the space, Bob replied,”well I do” so I told him it wasn’t too late to start some seeds! The offer to work together and share the garden was there!

June 2015 005

Great!!!  We took what we had over to his place, and it turns out he has a lovely sunny spot!

Ha! Bobs your uncle!  (He says this all the time, he, he)

June 2015 007

This is Bob with Jeff, he is 86 and let me tell you he is one busy man!

June 2015 002

We are so happy to be able to garden share with our new friend!

We planted squash, beans cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and basil!

After a couple of weeks it is filling up!

June 2015 001

A little shady patch has kale & lettuce.

June 2015 009

These are gifts from Bob! He has collected, cut and polished these stones and then makes Jewelry and Belt buckles from them. This is only one of his many accomplishments! Amazing !


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Early Potatoes

Our first harvest of the year!

May 2015 020

They are from the tubers that we stored  last season.

June 2015 008

I ‘m not sure of  the variety, but it has to be either Red Chieftain or Big Rosie.

June 2015 005

I wish I knew, this is a great tasting potato!

We steamed them with an onion, snap peas and served with melted butter and fresh basil.


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Happy Summer Solstice 2015!

The longest day of the year….

June 2015 005

the first day of summer…

June 2015 006

always makes me think of the fun worry free times as a child….the excitement of summer holidays….

June 2015 004

and warm long lazy days…

June 2015 008

I think we all crave that in the summer…

June 2015 003

along with some time to enjoy the rewards of hard work preparing;  pretty planters, veggie gardens,

June 2015 013

or just a nice  patch of freshly cut lush green  grass!

June 2015 002

Hope everyone has time to enjoy what ever it is that makes summer special to you :)

Happy Solstice and to all the Dads out there Happy Fathers Day!

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Garlic Scapes, Peas, Beans & Greens

There is an abundance of growth right now ; Pole Beans have just been planted and this is what we’ve harvested in the last few days.

June 2015 002

Swiss Chard & Spinach

June 2015 004

Garlic Scapes, Broad Beans, Basil & loads of Peas…

June 2015 009

Have a look at the Sugar Snap Pea Jungle…

June 2015 015

Some crazy tall Snap Peas

June 2015 017

and the Alderman Shelling Peas, which are really large Vines too…

June 2015 016



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June Garden Update

It has been a Busy month! Personally, with a wedding out of town , visitors and night school !  Its been a challenge to catch up in the garden and it is exploding!!! Here’s a quick look!

June 2015 108

The peas on the right are 10ft! Purple pole peas!

June 2015 109

They do have lovely flowers and are loaded with nice long snow peas!

June 2015 022

I may have to recruit some help when these shelling peas are ready  ;)

June 2015 111

more Snow & Snap Peas….

June 2015 113

Broad Beans are almost ready…

June 2015 120

Lots of Lettuce & Tomatoes

June 2015 119 June 2015 118

Potatoes in Pots are looking great, so far….

June 2015 117

More Greens & Onions…

June 2015 116 June 2015 114 June 2015 112

The dry warm weather has been amazing and everything is early.

June 2015 002

All of the Tomatoes have blossoms.

June 2015 001

The Sun Gold are remaining true to their claim and have the earliest fruit!


Back to catching up…..


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Spring Greens in May

May 2015 007

It’s amazing  how quickly things grow at this time of year….

May 2015 009

and the different textures and shades are pretty too!

May 2015 011

In the flower garden it doesn’t take a lot of color to stand out….

May 2015 002

The veggie beds are exploding with Greens!

May 2015 020

New Zealand Oca looks like the perfect Shamrock.

May 2015 022

New transplants; are mostly all in…

May 2015 021

Strawberries have started to ripen but I thought this was a pretty mix of “green” May 2015 033

and the Jonagold apple is producing fruit ;0

May 2015 018

Potatoes are filling the pots and the Berry Trellis should be covered in Green, soon & berries too , I hope! May 2015 023

I love the color of this Grand Rapids Lettuce! It is huge and has great flavour …

May 2015 001

as do all the lovely assorted mix of prolific greens that spring provides…

May 2015 001



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Garlic Twins or Triplets

The Red Russian Garlic from Salt Spring Seeds are growing well..

May 2015 020

so well, that they are sending out more than one shoot..

May 2015 021

2 or 3 actually! This happens often with bulbs, they should be thinned to allow a single bulb to develop to its full size.

May 2015 018

Its easy, hold the soil around the base of the shoot you are keeping and try to get the whole bulb you are removing by gently working it out of the ground.

May 2015 019

Cut off the top greens and enjoy!

May 2015 042

This is an early treat! We roasted a few finely sliced with mushrooms , it was so good :)


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