Spring Greens in May

May 2015 007

It’s amazing  how quickly things grow at this time of year….

May 2015 009

and the different textures and shades are pretty too!

May 2015 011

In the flower garden it doesn’t take a lot of color to stand out….

May 2015 002

The veggie beds are exploding with Greens!

May 2015 020

New Zealand Oca looks like the perfect Shamrock.

May 2015 022

New transplants; are mostly all in…

May 2015 021

Strawberries have started to ripen but I thought this was a pretty mix of “green” May 2015 033

and the Jonagold apple is producing fruit ;0

May 2015 018

Potatoes are filling the pots and the Berry Trellis should be covered in Green, soon & berries too , I hope! May 2015 023

I love the color of this Grand Rapids Lettuce! It is huge and has great flavour …

May 2015 001

as do all the lovely assorted mix of prolific greens that spring provides…

May 2015 001



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Garlic Twins or Triplets

The Red Russian Garlic from Salt Spring Seeds are growing well..

May 2015 020

so well, that they are sending out more than one shoot..

May 2015 021

2 or 3 actually! This happens often with bulbs, they should be thinned to allow a single bulb to develop to its full size.

May 2015 018

Its easy, hold the soil around the base of the shoot you are keeping and try to get the whole bulb you are removing by gently working it out of the ground.

May 2015 019

Cut off the top greens and enjoy!

May 2015 042

This is an early treat! We roasted a few finely sliced with mushrooms , it was so good :)


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Snow Crown Cauliflower ( Roasted)

This 4X4 patch has 10 Snow Crown Cauliflower Plants

Apr. 2015 006

They overwintered beautifully, but are such big plants, I’ll have to give them more room next time…. Apr. 2015 005

Regardless they produced some good sized heads ! I discovered an Amazing New Recipe! Thank you Jamie Oliver… Apr. 2015 005

This really is so good, I ate all the left over’s cold and thought it could easily be served that way as well…Yum!!

Here’s the original recipe:

Roasted Cauliflower with Cumin, Coriander & Almonds 

I improvised a little when I made it ; I was in  hurry, it was so delicious, I’ll likely do the same again :)

here’s my version…

1 Head Of Cauliflower, cut up into florets ( I used a lot of cauliflower approx. 1 very large head, maybe more)

2 tsp. Cumin seeds

2 tsp. Coriander seeds

1 tsp. Dried Chilli Peppers

1/2 cup (approx.) Almonds-Chopped small

1 Lemon , zest and juice

Olive Oil, enough to cover the bottom of a large skillet Butter, approx. 1 Tbsp.

Sea salt

Steam Cauliflower  till cooked , approx. 15 min and let it drain.

Grind herbs, peppers and salt till fine. you could use a mortar & pestle,  I used my herb & nut grinder, and chopped the almonds in there as well. Mix together in a hot pan , dry roast till they are lightly  browned.

Heat oil and butter in a separate pan then add the nuts & spice along with lemon juice & zest and heat through then add cauliflower. ( I wasn’t concerned about it being totally dry.)  I added some Toy Choi leaves for another veg,and cooked for a few minutes to wilt them.

I was in such a hurry I didn’t have time for pictures but I will try to add one, next time. Which should be very soon, I could eat this every day  ;)


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Jonagold Apple Tree

We were given a Jonagold Apple tree!

Apr. 2015 001

The blossoms are so pretty and fragrant, but this little tree didn’t produce very well, that’s why my neighbours were getting rid of it…

Apr. 2015 003

Growing Apples, sounds good to me, so I took it  :)  As it turns out, this is a Triploid Apple, never heard of that?  Me neither! It is difficult to pollinate, this tree requires pollen from 2 separate trees, that are (hopefully) Jonagold pollinators , and the Jonagold does not pollinate other trees. So, as we found out, its not that simple , I don’t really have room for 2 more trees, and I’m running out of time, to pollinate the blossoms.

Apr. 2015 002

Our neighbour, who gave us the tree came over with a branch from another neighbours tree, Yes, she did ask for it :) and offered a couple of blossoms from another tree of hers. Thank-you  Jen! I also (swiped)   some branches from a tree that’s on a city path (no ones property) and stuck them in some water,  dabbed the blossoms, so now, its up to the the bees to do their job!

Apr. 2015 007

They are there…

Apr. 2015 012

fingers crossed …

Apr. 2015 013

This little stick, is a New Apple Tree, we purchased as a pollinator for the Jonagold. It should take care of our small dilemma, next year. Its a Multi Grafted Apple with three varieties Gala, Spartan, and Fuji, both of these are semi dwarf trees and with some good pruning will likely grow up to 8 ft. perfect for our small space :)

Apr. 2015 016

I had to add this picture of the peas, I was sure I could see them growing ;)


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Spring Wildflowers

I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of some local wildflowers on our walk this morning …

Apr. 2015 020


Apr. 2015 018

Blue Camus

Apr. 2015 017

Chocolate Lily

Apr. 2015 011

Fairy Slipper, they are so elusive and what a great name!

Apr. 2015 015

I forget the names for these but love their colors!


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April Vegetable Garden

This is a busy month for gardeners! :) Here’s a quick look around our veggie patch..

Apr. 2015 001

Both Garlic beds are looking healthy, so fingers crossed we don’t get that awful Garlic rust again…

Apr. 2015 002

Arugula and Lettuce starts..

Apr. 2015 003

Toy Choy & Peas

Apr. 2015 005

Potatoes have been planted , 4 varieties , some in this bed and more in pots! The row along the house is a variety of Peas :)

Apr. 2015 010

Celery survived the winter, without any mulch…

Apr. 2015 004

Purple sprouting Broccoli is ready to harvest and we are seeing Cauliflower heads forming…

Apr. 2015 009

Broad Beans , Spinach & yes, more Peas..

Apr. 2015 008

Mustard Greens

Apr. 2015 007

Brussel Sprout are sending out lots of Spring Greens and starting to go to seed…

Apr. 2015 006

Onions are almost ready to go outside..

Apr. 2015 014

We have a new addition, a Semi  Dwarf Jonagold Apple Tree

Apr. 2015 013

I’ve discovered growing apples can be little finicky, but, that discussion, will be a separate post…

Apr. 2015 011

More Seedlings! I love these peat pods, its the first-time I’ve used them!

Apr. 2015 018

60 fit into one tray which was perfect for Tomatoes and Peppers.

Apr. 2015 017

The Strawberries are flowering..

Apr. 2015 015

and the weather, is  typically “Spring” like …with mixed skies…

Apr. 2015 016

The rain is just what we need, the beds have a top dress of fish compost waiting to be watered in…

If you aren’t sure what to start growing this month check out West Coast Seeds planting list!


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Spring in the Garden

Mar. 2015 098 This is the prettiest time of year on the coast… Mar. 2015 002 Grey rainy days are brightened by fresh green lawns, new growth and colorful flowers and foliage Mar. 2015 007 Every year I remind myself to put in more spring flowers… Mar. 2015 010 which  needs to be done in the fall.. Mar. 2015 011 and for some reason , is often forgotten…”Maybe this year!” Mar. 2015 055 :)


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