Spring in the Garden

Mar. 2015 098 This is the prettiest time of year on the coast… Mar. 2015 002 Grey rainy days are brightened by fresh green lawns, new growth and colorful flowers and foliage Mar. 2015 007 Every year I remind myself to put in more spring flowers… Mar. 2015 010 which  needs to be done in the fall.. Mar. 2015 011 and for some reason , is often forgotten…”Maybe this year!” Mar. 2015 055 :)


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Lemons & Limes

Our trees made it through the winter and this is our first small crop :)

Mar. 2015 002

Who knew that limes turn yellow when they’re ripe? I thought something was wrong …Mar. 2015 006

It turned out this is a trait of the Bearss Lime and  it was just time to pick them :)

The lemons are very small but considering the tress are still immature  they are quite nice!

I love having organic Lemons & Limes and utilizing all of it including the peels for their amazing flavors. They are great  for candied peel , here’s the link for that info if you’re interested…


There are many more ways to preserve them, check out this article from a blog I follow, I’m definitely going to try these …




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Starting Seeds Feb.2015

Feb. 2015 005

The garden season really  begins this month, here , I know some friends and family will be wondering how we can possibly live in the same country! This year has been terrible out east, much worse than usual, lets hope that will come to an end soon! Its never too early to plan your garden, If you have the space for a couple of trays and provide some good light, you can go a little crazy, like me :)

Feb. 2015 002

These were started the first week of Feb. : Arugula, Spinach, Mustard Greens, Pak Choi, Corn Salad, Leeks, and a mixture of Onions, Walla Walla, Red, Scallions and Shallots.

Feb. 2015 009

The Greens have been transplanted but the Onions will need to stay on the heating pad till they get a little larger …In the meantime all plants are in the garage under light…

Feb. 2015 008

Broad Beans were put out in the garden 2 days ago and more seeds will be planted  in the next week , starting with  Tomatoes, Peppers , Eggplant and Basil . I’m going to try something new this year, pre-sprouting Peas, according to garden guru Linda Gilkeson, this the best way to avoid damage by pests that are prevalent in the springs damp soil…I’m hoping that means an early crop :)

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Tomatoes & Garlic From The Garden

Its a real treat to have tomatoes from the Garden in Jan :)  even though they are frozen! Jan. 2015 017 If you are anything like me they were thrown in the freezer  skin & all in the middle of the season.. Jan. 2015 014 its actually really easy to clean them up, I thaw them a little on a cookie sheet, you could run them under warm water, the skins peel off  readily and the core is very simple to cut out. Jan. 2015 013 Simmer them in a pot slowly to thicken and you are ready to make soup, sauce, what ever you like. I love that they are organic and full of flavour! This will need some garlic, don’t you think ? :) No problem we still have a stash.. Jan. 2015 003 There it is, yup, that’s all of it, washed dried topped with olive oil and ready to be roasted slowly on the BBQ… Jan. 2015 004 we took our time and took out the smaller cloves as they were done.. Jan. 2015 009 peeled them, which is super fast once they’re cooked.. Jan. 2015 010 popped them into the freezer ,so now we should be set till June or July…I hope ;)


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In the Garden: Jan. 2015

Its January and Spring is in the Air..I hope :)

Jan. 2015 020 - Copy - Copy

Its been a mild winter, so far, fingers crossed, here’s a quick look at what’s happening in the garden…

The Lime and Lemon tress have survived and have some nice looking fruit on them.

Jan. 2015 023 - Copy - Copy

The garlic bulbs are getting some new growth …

Jan. 2015 025 - Copy

Daffodils are popping up

Jan. 2015 030

Rosemary is blooming

Jan. 2015 029

Heathers are at their peak

Jan. 2015 028

Pieris are developing some lovely color

Jan. 2015 027

and the Sarcococca is covered in tiny flowers. They packs a punch of fragrance,

Jan. 2015 026

that is truly delicious …especially at this time of year :)

Jan. 2015 022 - Copy - Copy

In the veggie garden we have a few items to harvest: Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, Celery, Jerusalem Artichokes, Parsley

Planted for early spring harvest are : Purple sprouting Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale

Feb 1st is when I plan to get some seeds started, maybe a little sooner for a few onions. Have you thought about it yet?


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Nov: Winter is Coming…

and it looks like we are ready for Christmas :)

Nov. 2014 007

but, we’re not :)  These lights are  just what we need to keep our Lemon & Lime trees happy through the winter…

Nov. 2014 006

good old fashioned 7w Christmas lights! Right now we only have enough for the lime, I’ll be searching for more..

Nov. 2014 005

In the meantime, they are all covered with frost cloth; a trouble light & heating mat will keep the other 2 warm should the temps. dip below 3C

Nov. 2014 013

The winter veggies need  winter protection too….

Nov. 2014 019

Garlic has really grown since we planted them in Oct. I’ve never seen them grow this fast! Is that good? Bad?

Nov. 2014 002

They have all been tucked in for winter with lots of straw! Except the Brussel sprouts…

Nov. 2014 021

I’ll add a leaf mulch to them, mixed with grass clippings for a little nutrition…

Nov. 2014 102

Carrots will be left in pots till we need them, and

the celery is going to be left in the garden!

Nov. 2014 113

just a little longer ;)


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Oct: In the Garden

I know, It’s Nov 1st!

Here’s a few pictures of what has been happening :)

Carrots grown in pots, worked well , I’ll do that again next year…we still have 3 pots to harvest

Oct. 2014 008

The last of our cucumbers were  pickled..

Oct. 2014 021

Strawberries are still looking good..

Oct. 2014 002

All the peppers have been pulled out of the Green House and are slowly drying..

Oct. 2014 003

Sigh…this was the last of our fresh basil & dill

Oct. 2014 004

Oct. 2014 005

The Tomatoes were still blooming mid Oct

Oct. 2014 006

and some were ripening on the vine

Oct. 2014 054

but it was time to clear the beds..

Oct. 2014 055

Thee end of a great Tomato season-

Oct. 2014 008

I’m still hoping to get some Brussel Sprouts for Christmas…

Oct. 2014 011

Crazy Big Celery, and it is still growing…

Oct. 2014 013

Beans and peas are now finished..

Oct. 2014 003

Scarlet Runners for seed saving

Oct. 2014 044

Their flowers & vines are so pretty and hardy, but they have to go….

Oct. 2014 045

Planted Garlic on Oct. 10 ( the earliest ever for us)

Oct. 2014 033

Taking advantage of a nice fall day ..

Oct. 2014 058

Potato Pots were emptied, they did much better this year!

Oct. 2014 004

The Crazy Artichoke plant was cut down, it must have been close to 12ft!

Oct. 2014 026

A gift from friends

Oct. 2014 009

used for …Brandied Apple Butter…

Oct. 2014 014

& Apple Pie

Oct. 2014 017

Its been a busy month …

Oct. 2014 020



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