Fall & Winter Garden

I started a lot of seeds about 2 weeks ago..

July 2015 001

Today was perfect for cleaning up some tired plants and transplanting the new ones….

Aug. 2015 005

I planted Kohlrabi, Cabbage, Cauliflower,

Aug. 2015 004


Aug. 2015 008

and Butter Crunch Lettuce.

Aug. 2015 007

Celery seedlings went into larger pots and I harvested the last of our mature beets and some of the Red Onions,

Aug. 2015 009

and added more mulch to the beds .

Aug. 2015 010

Kale, Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Spring Cauliflower still need to go in…

that’s tomorrow’s job…




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Organic Shallots

Actually,everything in our garden is Organic!

July 2015 015

Its a shame the grocery store takes such advantage of “that” term. Maybe it’ll encourage more people to start a garden ;)

July 2015 020

What we don’t grow we support Local and Organic, perhaps more demand will bring those prices down a bit more!

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Garlic- Red Russian

This is just one of the dozen that we planted in Oct!

Oct. 2014 033

Normally I save my own Garlic to plant but the Garlic Rust was so rampant last year I didn’t want to take any chances so I ordered fresh seed from Salt Spring Island.

June 2015 009

It worked out well! We used the Scapes for pesto …

July 2015 009

and we have a bumper crop of lovely large bulbs , which have been cured and cleaned  for storage!

July 2015 011

The rust hit again this year but much later , in June, so I’m going to try using our own again for  planting in the fall  :)


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Walla Walla Onions

It’s time to pull up Walla Walla Onions..

July 2015 001

they have never been so ‘Huge” this baby was almost 2 lbs.!

July 2015 002

Lots of dry warm days must be the trick! I really don’t wish for a regular drought,

July 2015 005

but I do love our little harvest :)


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In the Garden Today! Greek Salad is on the Menu!

Every day we’ve been collecting Yellow Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers,

July 2015 013

Squash, Fresh Herbs, a couple of Green Peppers..

July 2015 016

we are just starting to get Red Tomatoes and now we have an abundance of Onions!

July 2015 001

This makes for the best tasting Greek Salad, ever  ;)

July 2015 003

of course, I cant grow everything, as much as Id like to :)

July 2015 005

Do you make Greek Salad with fresh Herbs( Basil & Oregano)? Add a simple Olive Oil and fresh Lemon juice dressing, it really makes an amazing difference in flavour! Nostimos!

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Bob’s Veggie Garden

Here’s a quick look at what’s growing at Bobs ( my garden sharing friend) July 2015 007 Sunflowers,Tomatoes, Basil, Peppers, & Squash , 5 varieties, which are quickly taking over the garden… July 2015 008 along with Cucumber’s, Kale, Lettuce and Beans! Not bad for throwing a few plants and seeds in; just over as month ago! June 2015 006 What  a difference! ;)

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Jam Making; with Local Berries

Do you go berry picking? Its a fun way to spend some time outdoors, your berries are a much better price and you know they are fresh ! I certainly don’t have room or the right location to grow a variety of Berry plants for Jam making, but, fortunately  I live close to several U-Pick farms for Raspberries, Strawberries & Blueberries.  I forgot to bring my camera on most trips .

Here is the Organic Blueberry Farm and their very sweet dog.

July 2014 020

It was a beautiful day and the bushes were loaded with fruit!

July 2014 021

We left with about 9 lbs. each

July 2014 022

which I used to make jam :)

July 2015 012

This is a pectin free and low sugar recipe, I love making jam this way!

July 2015 002

I made Strawberry & Raspberry Jam with the same method, it is a bit tricky but worth the effort! The flavour is pure! If you’re interested here is the website that I found explaining this technique The High Heel Gourmet

Our berries were about 2-3 weeks early this year, and may very well be finished by now, they only last a short time. Blackberries are next and should be ready soon! Here you don’t usually go to farms for these, they grow wild and most locals have there own favorite locations , I know I do ;)


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